Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The SEC Won't Let Jimmy Be

The backlash on the NCAA's decision on Satellite Camps and prohibiting visiting coaches from other programs at camps, continues to get hit hard nationally.   I hope all this noise will make a difference and they at least change the rule.   Like I mentioned yesterday, limit the number of "off campus" camps and let other program coaches participate.   The only people this new rule is helping is million dollar coaches that don't want to work hard in the summer.     The smaller division school coaches and many high school prospects are the ones that are getting hurt by this new rule.

With that said, can you believe the difference Jimmy is making not only in Ann Arbor but in college football as a whole?  His celebrity rating is higher then Saban and Meyer and now the NCAA is making rules to limit his creativity.   Many are calling this new rule the Harbaugh rule.  (Penn State's Head Coach James Franklin was really the first one to do a satellite camp when he did one a few years ago in Atlanta)  It's only a matter of time before the NCAA shuts down the Spring Break trips to Florida as well. 

How things have changed in the last year and half.   Michigan went from making headlines for QB concussions, poor AD management and missing a Bowl.   To making positive impacts in college football.    It's a night and day comparison.  It's the difference of being a leader in college football or a follower.   Michigan has been a follower for too long and were finally back in a leadership position.   The winning on the field is coming but the leadership as a program is back where it belongs.  

Thank you Jimmy for coming home and loving your job in Ann Arbor!

  • 5 Star Instate basketball prospect Josh Jackson picked Kansas over MSU and others.  Josh never really seriously considered Michigan. 

  • Manuel names Doug Gnodtke the executive associate director of athletics and chief of staff. 

  • 2018 Asante Samuel Jr. has Michigan in his top 10.  You might recognize his name. 

  • Jimmy will be the commencement speaker at Paramus Catholic in June

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