Friday, May 13, 2016

Michigan Friday: Dicky V Honoring Chad Tough Tonight

Dick Vitale is hosting his annual gala tonight and will be looking to raise $2.5M for cancer research.  He is honoring two children that lost their life recently and one of those two is our own Chad Carr.    Jimmy and his wife will be accompanied by Lloyd at tonight's gala.  

"You know what frustrates me? I work 24-7 on this, sending letters, leaving messages and texts, anything to get the word out," he said. "Yet some of the big football schools could call for a fundraiser for a practice facility or locker room and they would get $15 million easily. All I want is $2.5 million for kids, sick kids."

If your interested in donating here is Dicky's Gala web site.  

  • Mgoblog has a quick interview with one of the greatest Michigan Wolverines ever, Charles Woodson.   He is doing a tour for his new wines.  

  • Cass Tech 2017 DB Jaylen Kelly-Powell rated his recent visit to Michigan a 10 out of 10

  • Michigan coaches were out to see 2017 WR Nico Collins yesterday.

  • Tim Drevno visited 2017 4 star FLOL and Alabama commit, Alex Leatherwood on Thursday.  Leatherwood is a great football name.

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Scott K said...

urban liar is starting a 1/2 way house program for Juco transfers, jones likely to be the first.