Thursday, May 5, 2016

Michigan Thursday: Coach B's Assistants Confirmed.

The Michigan Basketball program filled it's two open position yesterday with the hiring of  Billy Donlon and Saddi Washington.

Billy was the successful head coach of Wright State before he got fired this off-season coming off a successful season.   Local head coach of Xavier, Chris Mack didn't agree with the decision:

“Yeah, it's a bad decision,” he said. “I don't know their athletic director, but we're in a results-oriented business. Unless there was some scandal, which I know Billy and that's not the case, he should not have been let go. The guy wins 22 games this year, 13 conference games, which is the most in the history of the school. Goes to the championship game three years in a row in the Horizon League. He graduated his players. I mean, again, I don't know who Wright State is pretending to be or trying to be, but that's ridiculous.”

Billy has been known for his defense as a coach and will fill that hole on the Michigan staff nicely.

There is not a ton of information on Saddi but he has been at Oakland for 10 years and a guy Coach B has always kept an eye on.   He is known as a good recruiter, which is also a need in Ann Arbor.

Here is a list of the Satellite Camps so far:

June 2 – Cedar Grove Camp at Maynard Jackson High, Atlanta
June 4 – University of South Florida, Tampa
June 4 - Cheshire Academy, CT (Night)
June 5 – Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Va.
June 6 – Bob Jones High, Madison, Ala.
June 7 – South Alabama, Mobile
June 8 – Pearl High, Pearl, Miss.
June 9 - Warren Harding High, Warren, Ohio (morning)
June 9-10 – Sound Mind Sound Body, Detroit
June 11 - Youth Football Camp
June 12 - Waco, Texas - with Baylor staff
June 12 – Baylor University, Waco, Texas
June 13 - Addison, Texas - with Iowa State staff
June 15 – Pittsburg State, Pittsburg, Kan. (morning)
June 15 – Midwest Elite camp, Blue Springs South High School, Mo. (evening)
June 13 – Greenhill High, Addison, Texas
June 17 - Bright Lights Big House Camp
June 18 - A4: Ann Arbor's Aerial Assult Elite Quarterback Training Camp
June 18 - Big Man Football Camp
June 20 or 21 - Shine Time Football Camp
June 22 or 23 - Specialists Camp
June 24 – Oceanside High, Oceanside, Calif

My goodness that is a busy June for the Michigan Staff.   They are going to earn their salary in June for sure!

  • EMU has been a punching bag of late for its sports programs.  The bottom line is EMU loses a lot and spends a ton of money on it's sports programs.  Even HBO's Real Sports did a segment on it.   The Michigan Baseball team beat EMU 12-0 last night.     I have a way to help Michigan's neighbor only if the NCAA would allow it.   Michigan Football should have a pre-season scrimmage every August with EMU at the Big House and split the money with our friends from Ypsilanti.    The Big House probably wouldn't be sold out, but you could charge $10 or $15 and fans would come to watch Michigan's new QB or team.  The weather would be nice and I expect it would attract a ton of fans.  Does Michigan lose to Utah last year if they had a pre-season game?  You could name it the Battle For Washtenaw County!


ScottyDoggs said...

That's a lot of training camps... Power-on Harbaugh!

ScottyDoggs said...

Just read that Joe Paterno probably knew that Sandusky was a possible sexual predator. I do not understand Joe's Logic on keeping him, it's incomprehensible!! You can abuse farm animals, and they can not communicate what was done to them... Here your dealing with human beings and they have mouths, eventually most of the sexual abuse comes out "in the wash"
That's why many sexual predators kill their victim "to keep them quiet". All his reputation built up over the years, and he protected this "evil man",. and it negated anything positive he accomplished.
I do not understand Joe Pa's logic, throw everything away for that "very replaceable criminal(man). Paterno is not the man everyone knew for almost 5 decades... as deceitful as the catholic church. The catholic church protecting their own that molested hundreds of children, Yet, people stay go on Sunday's to "praise the lord (not me ghost)!

ScottyDoggs said...

Oops, I meant to say he probably knew way back in 1976... moving the timeline back from 1998.