Thursday, May 26, 2016

Michigan Thursday: NJ Paramus Camp Is Blowing Up

This come from our favorite media outlet (freep alert) but it sounds like the Paramus Satellite Camp is really attracting a ton of kids:

Paramus president James Vail announced today that the Next Level Elite Camp on June 8 has had to cap registration at 600 kids. The original allotment of 400 filled up in just eight days.

It quickly expanded to 450 campers with the planned use of fields, lawns, the school gym, tennis courts, and chalk talk in classrooms. Plans for represented colleges moved from seven or eight to 37, plus one NFL head coach, the Baltimore Ravens' John Harbaugh.

But with Jim Harbaugh, when it becomes a competition, it's never enough. Now the Paramus camp is up to 600 participants from 200 schools and also will utilize the Bergen Community College fields across the street. There will be 80 college coaches from 40 teams in 10 states and Washington, D.C.

  • The OSU/Rutgers camp that conflicts with the above Paramus camp will have Brian Billick.   Current vs. former Raven coaching camp stand off!

  • Rivals is reporting that Jimmy and Staff will be holding 50 camps in the month of June.   Get that jet fueled up.


Scott K said...

Art Briles has been fired at Baylor. #1. Any baylor commits that we might go after?
#2. Who will he be coaching next year?

Renegade said...

From what little I have read it may be a while before Briles gets another coaching position. Sexual assault and violence by players covered up by Briles and those higher up (president demoted). But then again, this is football and he produced a quality team ... I take it all back, he'll be hired tomorrow.

Mike Tebbe said...

Baron Browning LB

Scott K said...

Wow..... The Briles thing is bad.... I'm bet he will get a longer ban than tressel did. he will be back coaching somewhere, but not for 3-5 years.