Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Michigan Tuesday: LeVert's Injury

Caris's mystery injury has now been exposed.  Per UMhoops:

LeVert revealed to the media for the first time that he suffered a Jones fracture, the same injury that plagued Kevin Durant. LeVert is still a month away from being able to participate in on-court work and probably won’t be able to play full court until July. That isn’t an ideal time frame given that the NBA Draft on June 23rd is just over a month away.

LeVert first revealed his the specifics of his injury in a feature story with Yahoo! on his interactions with Kevin Durant.

“It’s been a grueling process since the surgery, staying stress-free, eating well and getting the right amount of sleep,” LeVert told The Vertical. “We have looked at X-rays, and everything has looked up to date. All the doctors are really encouraged by what they see. I heard all of the first-round projections from last year, but right now, I can just speak well in interviews and show myself in X-rays.

  • Michigan vs. Hawaii will kickoff at noon on ESPN.  Love the noon start!

  • Ricky Dole is transferring to Florida Gulf Coast.

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