Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Michigan Tuesday: Trying To Fill The Holes

The Michigan Basketball roster now has two holes to fill next season.  They would probably like to sign a late 2016 riser and bank the other one.   If a graduate transfer falls into their lap that wouldn't be much of a problem either.  

A guy that could fill one of those spots is 2016 wing Harold Baruti who holds offers from SMU and  a few other small schools.  He is starting to get interest from bigger programs with similar problems as the Wolverines.   Harold is 6'6 200 pounds and could fill the GR3 role in Coach B's offense.  He took an official last weekend but didn't get offered as it seems he has some work to do in the classroom still.

  • Speaking of Michigan Basketball, they have signed a home and home with UCLA.  The Wolverines will head to LA next season and then the return trip will be in 2017 or 18.

  • ESPN continues to remove talent.  The latest to go is famous Buckeye Chris Carter and Ray Lewis, there are rumors that Trent Dilfer could be next.   Chris and Ray are rumored to be replaced by Randy Moss and we already know Charles Woodson will be joining ESPN's NFL staff as well. Sean McDonough will now do play by play for MNF and will replace A2 resident Mike Tirico.

  • ESPN has Michigan ranked #3 and Phil Steele has them ranked #7 is the early (we don't have anything better to do) College Football Polls.


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