Friday, June 3, 2016

Michigan Friday: First DE For The 2017 Class

Michigan has been recruiting St. Joseph (Mich.) strong-side defensive end Corey Malone-Hatcher for what seems like 5 years.  He has been on commit watch every time he took a step in Ann Arbor. 

He finally pulled the trigger yesterday with a tweet that says, The Best Players in Michigan go to Michigan.   Corey had a very nice offer list that included the likes of Alabama, Cincinnati, Columbia, Iowa, UK, Louisville, ND, Oklahoma, MSU, Ohio State, Penn State, UCLA, Tennessee, Wisconsin  and many others.    (It's funny that Columbia is in there with the big football programs, I assume that is a great sign about his academics)

It was always a Michigan vs. ND battle, with ND close to his home town in St. Joseph.   The only thing Corey has had some trouble with is injuries, which has shorted his last two high schools seasons. Last year it was an Achilles injury.   Hopefully, he will have a very good and healthy senior season before coming to Ann Arbor. 

Corey is known as an athletic pass rusher that gets to the QB quickly.   He can play either DE or LB but most project him to DE at the next level.   Most insiders expect that Corey is the first of four DE's that Jimmy and staff will take during this class.   Look for more positive news on 6/12 when Luiji Vilain announces as well.

His highlight video is pretty impressive. 

  •  There seems to be positive rumors around the transfer of 6'6 Shooting Guard from Kentucky, Charles Matthews to Michigan.   He has yet to take a visit, but he considers Michigan his leader.

  • Update:  2018 Stone Mt., GA offensive lineman Jalil Irvin, committed to Michigan this morning.  He is a 6-foot-3, 270-pound lineman.   He attended the Atlanta Camp as a spectator but was offered a month ago. 

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