Thursday, June 9, 2016

Michigan Thursday: Rutgers Why?

I'm sure you have heard about this now, but a secret society tied to Rutgers defaced the Paramus campus early morning yesterday with a teddy bear, paint and some sidewalk chalk.   Here is an article with the details.  This Rutgers secret society seems upset that Michigan has a close relationship with Paramus Catholic and that Peppers and Gary decided to go to Ann Arbor. 

A quick note to Rutgers fans, secret societies, students and staff.   This is big boy football now that you're in the Big Ten.  You might have recognized this from the huge check you received from the Big Ten Network that got your athletic department out of debt.  This isn't the Big East or American Athletic Conference.   When you have some of the top high school players in the nation, coaches from all over the country are going to recruit kids from NJ.    I understand you want to be an elite football program and that you hired coaches from Michigan's top rival, but the fact is your not there yet and every team in the Big Ten feels like they are a Michigan rival.  If you need advice on how this works,  please call your colleagues at Purdue, Illinois and Indiana.     Enjoy your check, build your program and don't poke the bear in your backyard. 

  • Here is a great article from the New York Times on Jimmy's summer camps and the rain soaked Paramus one from last night.   Jimmy wore a Jeter jersey of course.  600 kids attended.
Alex Goodlett for The New York TimesCenter

  • Remember the name Jake Raulerson?  He was the graduate transfer Center from Texas that picked UCLA over Michigan and a few other schools this past winter.  Jake is the rare player that had two years of eligibility left as a grad transfer and would have fit nicely in Michigan's offensive line.  It seems that Jake wasn't granted acceptance into UCLA's graduate program that he preferred (MBA or a  Masters in Applied Economics) and now is out of luck at the other schools due to admission deadlines.   Sounds like he will go to SMU and not play football.

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