Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Michigan Tuesday: Brad Hawkins Has an NCAA Clearinghouse Issue

I mentioned last week that Brad Hawkins had not enrolled yet and was the only 2016 signed player that wasn't in Michigan's student directory.  A recent article that awarded Brad as the Courier-Post  New Jersey Athlete of the year, stated that Brad was heading to Michigan this past weekend.   That didn't happen.  From Mlive:

Hawkins' high school coach at Camden, Dwayne Savage, confirmed that Hawkins is not in school yet as he's still awaiting clearance from the NCAA Clearinghouse -- now known as the NCAA Eligibility Center. Savage said that Hawkins still plans on playing football at Michigan this season and hopes to have his clearance at some point toward the middle of July.

"He's not in school yet," Savage said. "I believe it's a Clearinghouse situation. Right now everything's still a go for Michigan. He just has to get everything cleared before he can step on campus."
Michigan will begin fall camp Aug. 8. Players must get through the NCAA Clearinghouse before being able to enroll in classes and participate in football activities.
Michigan's freshmen typically take part in the school's summer bridge program, which is set to begin later this week.
It's hard to predict exactly what the issue is, could be a test score or a class needed.  Hopefully, Brad has taken care of his business and will be with the team next month before Fall Camp starts. 
  • RIP Buddy Ryan and Pat Summit, a tough day for sports legends.
  • Peppers tweeted that he ran a 4.34 yesterday!

  • We are in a dead recruiting period, no visits on of off campus.

  • Nike's Opening coming up in 9 days

  • Ryan Glasgow who injured himself in week 10, says he is about 95% back from the injury.  Sounds like he will be ready for camp in a month.

  • NFL.com has a college players to watch list up.  Coming in as the #2 WR is our own Jehu Chesson.  Jake Butt is the #2 TE.

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