Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Michigan Tuesday: Game Times For UCF and Colorado

Scheduling college football games are difficult.  An AD will schedule games 5 to 10 years out.   You have no idea what kind of program your going to get when you schedule these games in the future.

UCF had a nice little run but are struggling now, Colorado was set up when the PAC 12 and Big 10 were trying to have some type of pre-conference partnership.   That partnership lasted a couple of weeks before it was blown up. 

When you schedule Hawaii, you pretty much know what your going to get.   I don't see any reason for Rainbow Warriors to ever have to play a road game.  (I know they have been budget strained in the Athletic Department and probably need the payday in A2).  

The kickoff times for these two games were announced yesterday:

University of Central Florida at noon.

Colorado at 3:30.

Michigan will have two noon kickoffs to start the season. 

  • Mgoblog does a nice write up on the WR's and DB's at Sound Mind and Body.  To recap it:  Ambry Thomas is a very good DB.   Yes, Please!  Michigan seems to be trending in the right direction with Thomas and Jaylen Kelly-Powell.

  • 2017 Prospects LB Nathan Proctor & DT Jaylen Twyman will visit A2 this weekend.  They're on a bus visiting with 32 prospects visiting many major programs.

  • Desmond will be a guest speaker at the Michigan Aerial Assault QB camp.

  • Jimmy wore a JJ Watt jersey at the Houston camp yesterday.

  • Dhani Jones is co-hosting a new show on NBC called The Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge.  I guess the Wolverine Team Challenge as already taken! :) 

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