Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Michigan Tuesday: Jimmy Makes Headlines For Everything

I have wrote a number of posts on what a "rock star" our head football coach is.   Whether he is on vacation in Europe or trying to do 50 camps in 30 days he makes headlines.    Yes, sports news is a bit slow as Curry and the boys are taking it to LeBron and the death of the Greatest of All Time passing is now 3 days old. 

So I shouldn't be surprised that what Jimmy is wearing at these camps is making ESPN and other places.  

He has also worn a Hank Aaron jersey, Denard Robinson,  Andrew Luck, Cal Ripkin and Ray Lewis.   But the photo of the AI jersey in Khakis almost broke the internet.    Rock star I tell ya!

  • Malone-Hatcher says his ankle is "never better".  He missed a ton of time last season due to an Achilles injury.

  • 5 Star TX OLB Baron Browning is going to visit A2 on June 20th

  • 5 Star CA OG Wyatt Davis will also visit A2 after a ND visit this month

  • Michigan commit QB Dylan McCaffrey makes the Elite 11 Finals and will now compete at the Nike Opening event in July.

  • Michigan commit J'Marick Woods got his LSU offer but says he is 110% committed to Michigan.

  • Donovan Winter is a 6-foot-5, 235-pound defensive end from Orlando (Fla.) Bishop Moore.  He drove 3 hours this past weekend to attend the Michigan camp.   His offer list included only a few schools like USF, Idaho, Eastern and Western Michigan.   He attended the camp in Ft. Lauderdale, preformed well and now has a Michigan offer.  I would say that was a good investment of time!


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