Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wolverine Wednesday: Checks Local Media

Since we're in a pretty much a dead period for College Football it's fun to read local articles about Jimmy's tour across the country.    Here are a few excerpts from the Tennessean from the camp last night:

Tennessee was the stop between Texas and Kansas on Tuesday, and his appearance — it was a Delanie Walker jersey tucked into those khakis, can you believe it?! — was part of a loud, long commercial for a program trying to emerge from a decade of the blues. It was another attention fix for Harbaugh.

And oh yes, JaCoby Stevens was there. The five-star Oakland safety/receiver is rated the No. 1 athlete in the nation by and is considering Michigan, Tennessee, Georgia and others. Funny how these things have a way of working out.

But you know what? So what? At least Harbaugh is out here doing something, and mostly with a bunch of kids who won’t sniff a major-college offer. It’s better than whining.

  • Future Wolverines (walk-on TE) Dane Drobocky and (WR) Nate Johnson were at the camp last night.

  • CBS Sports has Chesson at the top WR and Butt the Top TE in next years draft board.

  •  4 star Cincinnati TE Matt Dotson is planning on visiting MSU today.   Matt is considering PSU, MSU and Michigan (in that order).   I wonder if he will stop by A2, since that is on his way to East Lansing.


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