Monday, July 18, 2016

Michigan Monday: Air Jordan At The Big House

With the final few weeks before Fall Camp opens, there really isn't too much news coming out of Schembechler Hall.   Michigan will host recruits at the BBQ at the Big House (a hold over from the RR years) and then camp opens and we get back to business.   

Many of us are waiting for 8/1 when the Nike/Jordan Brand becomes Michigan's official outfitter.   If I'm a betting man, I think there might be a run of #5 jerseys with the Jordan/Jumpman logo on it.   To celebrate that new relationship, Michael Jordan will be the honorary captain for the Hawaii game.    September 3rd will be the first time a football team will sport the Jordan brand. 

  • The Big House Inmates speak:  73% of you feel Michigan should have kept the $2M and Arkansas on the schedule then play ND on the road.   I agree with you.  I love that ND is back on the schedule, I just don't like that ND looked like they won the negotiation.

  • Longtime Michigan RB Coach Fred Jackson lost a family member in the Baton Rouge shooting yesterday.   Fred is now the head coach at Ypsilanti High School.   Please send your support, prayers and thoughts to Fred and his family today. 

  • If your wondering how RR is doing in Arizona, here is an article on RR going into his 5th year.  He is winning 62% of his games which is a lot better then most Arizona coaches in the past.   RR went 8-5 in his first two seasons, 10-4 in year 3 and 7-6 last year.   He also looked at a couple of openings last year as well.  RR makes just below $2M a year, but has a comp plan that includes a ($6M) big pay out if he is still the coach in 2018.  All in all, I think Arizona is happy with RR and getting to a bowl game every year (even if it's the New Mexico Bowl).  


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