Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Michigan Tuesday: Jimmy Speaks at Media Day

Well, he didn't really say much.  He did say he expects Chesson to be ready when camp opens and that Darboh is the #1 WR now.   The important take away is, we are getting close to football again! 

ESPN thought he stole the show on Day 1:  In short, Harbaugh was the same guy who dominated offseason headlines with his quirkiness. Yet something was also different about him.  At this same event last year, Harbaugh was evasive and even difficult at times during his interview sessions. He refused to give many specific answers to the media horde looking to lap up the story of his return to college football. On Monday, though, he was playful and animated, willing to talk at length about his team and other issues.

  • Jourdan Lewis on possibly being named a captain: "it would mean everything to me."

  • The Florida QB that Michigan faced in the Citrus Bowl, Treon Harris has decided to transfer from the Gators.  Treon is the 7th QB to transfer from UF in 3 years.  

  • IA WR Oliver Martin who went from basically obscurity to a 4 star WR on 24/7 after his Nike Opening performance, will be at the BBQ at the Big House.

  • 3 Star OH SDE James Hudson is planning to announce soon, there have been mixed reports if Michigan is still interested or not.   Right now MSU seems to be the leader in the clubhouse.  Sam Webb says that Michigan is trying to get him to the BBQ.

  • Former UCLA commit CA DE Hunter Echols plans to take an official visit to Ann Arbor this fall.


clay56 said...

I do hope Jimmy takes his team into his Submarine again during fall camp. He don't need the distraction from the Media hordes.

Bob said...

agreed. My guess is he will.

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