Friday, August 12, 2016

Michigan Friday is Speechless

ESPN asks a bunch of coaches for one word about Jim Harbaugh.  Hard to believe that Urban Meyer gave the best answer.  Poor Jim McElwain is still having nightmares about the Citrus Bowl.   That's ok Jim, you don't have to face Michigan for another 12+ months. 

  • Jimmy must be good for ratings on ESPN.  Here is an article on Jimmy's summer.

  • Jay Harbaugh says that Zach Gentry is a TE and doesn't ever expect him to go back to QB.

  • This happened a few days ago but Jimmy sent Mark Wahlberg a Jumpman Jersey and Shoes.   Mark ran into Jimmy on the range at the Pebble Beach golf tournament and Mark said he would stop by Ann Arbor when he is in Michigan filming Transformers.    Mark also has special Jordan shoes for his new restaurant Walhburgers, which I believe is opening in Greek Town this weekend.  Got to say, I love the box!


ScottyDoggs said...

If Harbaugh is recruiting Mark Walberg... isn't that a recruiting violation?

Bob said...

I don't think marky mark ever went to college. So he still has 4 years left of eligibility. :)

ScottyDoggs said...