Monday, August 8, 2016

Michigan Monday: Is Full of Information!!

First off the new Jumpman Jerseys released this weekend for sale.  Here is an example of the away jersey.

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Love the new jerseys, I think Michigan and Nike missed an opportunity by not making a Peppers Jumpman Jersey. 

As we know,  Michigan opens fall camp today.  In the words of Jimmy: 
“Yeah. It’s the beginning of the year. It’s one of the two special days, to me, in the entire calendar. I’ve said it before: a lot of people look at January 1st being the start of the new year. People look, those who espouse Christianity, Catholicism, look at Christmas as the start of the liturgical year, but us in football, first day of preseason training camp is the new year.
“It’s like being reborn into football. Coming out of the womb into the bright light, into the chaos, into everybody looking at you. It’s where the team’s forged, under the sun in the August heat. Sun shaping the body, carving the mind. Very excited.”
  • Speaking of Camp, Michigan released a new roster and two players were missing:  Freddie Canteen and Brady Pallante.  I had high hopes for Freddie at WR when Michigan needed bodies at that position.   He seemed to struggle in practice and kept moving from WR to CB.   He had some type of major injury in practice last year and we aren't sure if he took a "medical" or not. Brady Pallante was a two star defensive line recruit, who saw little game action and probably saw a long road to playing time.  We now can confirm that Brady took a medical. 
  • Chesson's injury from the Citrus Bowl was a torn PCL.    
  • With the loss of the those two players, Michigan now has 21 spots open in the 2017 class.  They are recruiting for many more players, which means we are going to see more attrition. 
  • Michigan Basketball picked up a 2017 commit last night from 6'8 205 pounds forward from K-Zoo Isaiah Livers.  He picked Michigan or MSU and CAL.
BBQ Buzz:
  • Michigan didn't get any public commitments over the weekend, there is some buzz that someone committed silently to the coaches.  We will see.   We will also know very soon about visitor James Hudson from Ohio.  He is announcing his decision today.  It seems to be a Michigan vs. MSU decision.   Insiders seem to be calling both teams. Update: James Hudson is Blue.   Update will be in Tuesday's post. 
  • Michigan seemed to make some serious inroads with Alabama commit and #1 rated player and RB Najee Harris.   Still lots of time to go in his recruitment, but it was nice to make an impact on the top player in the country.  Harris doesn't talk much to the services, so we really don't know how well it went.
  • Same could be said of 5 star DB from California Darnay Holmes as well.  He was tweeting like crazy on Saturday and really seemed to be having a good time.
  • Oliver Martin the WR that blew up at the Opening also had a good time and told Scout's the trip exceeded his expectations.
Seems overall the BBQ was a success, we will see if it drives any commitments in the next week or two.   The recruits seemed to love it and even the parents as well.   Michigan's team mom "Mama Gwen" also continued to make a great impression on the parents as well.   Michigan also offered the top player in Michigan in the 2019 class, who has played one year of HS football.  :-)


Voice of Reason said...

It seems like Coach Harbaugh is turning this roster over faster than Coach Hoke did. I am not surprised by that because he has to catch up with the Alabama's and the OSU's, and let's not fool ourselves, they turn their roster over in such a way that if a guy isn't working out they lose their scholarship. It may not be the most ethical way but they're competing for national championships. It also seems to me that coach Jimmy is far more ethical in how he's doing it (you would know better than I).

Sam Webb said this morning that Harbaugh is not a big red shirt guy. I guess catching up is the reason why he is burning many of those red shirts faster so that the young guys can get more experience and be ready to step in. Sooner or later, Michigan will be in the same position as they are and instead of rebuilding they will simply reload. IMHO!!!

Scott K said...

The Lions do enough rebuilding to cover the state of MI....