Monday, August 29, 2016

Michigan Monday: Welcomes You To Game Week

Its been a long time coming and now it's here, Game Week!  We expect the two deep out today and should understand what the starters and backups look like.  

Jimmy said during his TV show that there could be up to 10 true freshman on the two deep.  He didn't give any specifics but that is a lot of freshman that could be playing early and often. 

"From the very beginning, what I really wanted to look at was 'who would be on track' and athletically would be a good enough football player to track on the two-deep," Harbaugh said. "Either a starter, a backup, a contributor on special teams. Let's look at that for the first two weeks."

"I'd say right now I can think of 10 easy that will be in the two-deep as a starter or backup -- more backups than starters."

I don't know if the following is accurate or not, but here is a possible RB depth chart that was making the rounds on Sunday night:

1. Smith
2. Isaac
3. Evans
4. Johnson
5. Higdon
6. Davis
7. Walker

Here is why I don't believe this is accurate.  Michigan will go two or three deep in their depth chart.  They don't go to seven.  I could see the first 3 being accurate, little surprised Drake Johnson isn't #3 but Evans has had a ton of Sub Buzz.   If this is accurate, I expect Davis and Walker to probably use a redshirt year.

  • Michigan is a 41 point favorite on Saturday. 

  • Jimmy has his Week 1 PC at 2:30.  The official two deep should be out then. Update: Jimmy didn't day much, he did say the QB's do know who will be starting on Saturday (so the internet rumor this weekend might be true that it's Wilton).   They didn't release a depth chart either.   He did call out David Long doing a great job in coverage during the last practice.

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Charlton, Glasgow, Wormley & Gary..... Damn.... hurry up Saturday!!