Thursday, August 18, 2016

Michigan Thursday: Freshman Hype

This is the best time of year for practice hype, during Fall Camp you have your entire football team including all the incoming freshman.   This year has been no different and there are clearly two guys that seem to be getting a ton of hype: Rashan Gary and Chris Evans.

Rashan is no surprise as the #1 player in the nation.  Getting hype during his first camp/practices is to be expected.   The surprise seems to be all the buzz around Chris Evans. 

Chris was a 5'11 RB in high school in Indy and many recruiting experts expected his role might be at CB or Slot WR at the next level.   They weren't really sure how he was going to project to big time college football.    As you know, Jimmy likes to recruit football players and he knew that Chris was one and his speed could make a difference at a number of positions. 

Chris committed to Michigan early and got a late January offer from Ohio State, many thought that offer could flip the talented athlete from Indianapolis.   He thought about it and stayed committed to Michigan.

Now he is getting buzz as a Freshman that will make an impact this year at RB. 

Here are some tweets from a players press conference yesterday:

Both De'Veon Smith and Drake Johnson both mentioned Chris Evans as sticking out.
— Josh Henschke (@JoshHenschke) August 17, 2016

Mason Cole also praised Evans, says he really knows his stuff.
— Josh Henschke (@JoshHenschke) August 17, 2016

Drake Johnson, who is roomies with Evans, says he's "mad athletic" and smooth. Makes them say "wow."
— Josh Henschke (@JoshHenschke) August 17, 2016

We are also starting to hear that Eddie McDoom is very fast and could be a deep threat this year. 

The Big Ten network called Bredeson an elite freshman and a guy that should start right away.   He was holding his own against Gary in some pass rush drills.

True Freshman we haven't heard any buzz on yet includes: David Long, Carlo Kemp, Devin Bush Jr., and Khaaleke Hudson.

Something I didn't know:

Moe Ways broke his foot in Spring Ball but is back healthy now.  "Yeah, Moe hasn't missed a day," Harbaugh said. "Moe's done a nice job. He doesn't seem to have any ill-effects from the injury he sustained in the spring. The play he got hurt, it was a touchdown pass, and he broke the fifth metacarpal in his foot. But he's showing no signs of that lingering or slowing him down."

Moe is expected to see significant time at WR this year. 

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