Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Michigan Tuesday: Welcomes James Hudson

James is a 4 star DT/SDE from Toledo who committed to the Wolverines two days after the BBQ.   Insiders were very confused on where James was leaning, at the BBQ most were calling for a MSU win and that changed early on Monday morning when they came back to the Maize and Blue.  

Big James "on the" Hudson is the 19th commit and joins Solomon and Paea at DT in this class.  He is 6'5 and 280 pounds.  He was clearly a priority for the Wolverines as they put Gary on him at the BBQ.  He is rated as a 4 star on Rivals, ESPN and 247, Scouts comes in at a 3 star. 

His offer sheet was pretty impressive but didn't include the Buckeyes but did include: Alabama, CAL, Cincinnati, Illinois Iowa, Louisville, Miami, Kentucky, MSU, Nebraska, Penn State, Pitt, Purdue, Rutgers, Tennessee, and WVU.

James has a nice path to playing time with Godin and fellow Toledo high school star Wormly as seniors.   There is also some buzz about the big man playing on the offensive line as well.   We know, Jimmy isn't afraid to have players change positions and that type of flexibility is something he loves.

I don't see how this class gets to be above say 25 and as of right now there are 19 spots taken (20 if Johnson does enroll in January).   Can we get a WR commit please?  We are looking good for 3 or 4 guys but none of them have committed.    If you think about the guys that are strong Michigan leans, I think we can easily say this class will finish in the mid to high 20's. 

  • Every year Mgoblog does a great job of over reacting to the new roster and weight gains.   I love their premise:  All weight gain is new muscle and power and all weight loss is best shape of their lives and increased speed & agility.   You can look at the difference each player has seen in weight gain or loss.   What jumped out to me was potential starting QB Wilton Speight is 243 pounds.  Former QB Zach Genty is now a TE and he weighs 244 pounds.  LB's Mike McCray is 240 and Ben Gedeon is 248 pounds.

  • The Big 12 is reportedly down to Cincy, Houston and BYU for expansion.  

  • Snoop Dog's Son has quit the UCLA football team for the second time and I assume the last time.  Seems his heart was never in football.   He was a 4 star WR in the 2015 class coming out of  Las Vegas.  He is still enrolled at UCLA.

  • If your wondering no news is good news from the submarine.  We have no news from Day 1.  


ScottyDoggs said...

True... SIZE MATTERS! Just look at the difference over the decades in college football.

This sticks in my head but the 1976 Ohio state/Michigan game... Bob Ufer said Ohio state offensive line average 236 1/2 lbs/ Michigan 238 lbs. (could have been 78 Game?)
Look at the deference to today's game (average around 295-305lbs)

The increase of size and strength of players has to be contributing to concussions. I would much rather take a hit from a 238 pounder then a 305 pounder {life threatening}.

Another factor is these multi-million dollar equipment contracts... are these detrimental to the health of the players? Sounds silly right off, but a few small start-up companies have developed superior helmets to protect players... and how do these get to be used if you are under contract with a behemoth, that does not offer the same protective gear? Food for thought... except still thinking about ribs at BBQ (lol)

Voice of Reason said...

That sounds about right ScottyDoggs, because even Michigan going into the 1981 Rose Bowl were bigger but weren't too much bigger than that, eg., Center George Lilsa 255, OG Kurt Becker 255, DT Mike Tragovac 235, LB Mel Owens 230, LB Andy Cannavino 220. Even the other positions were light compared to now, eg., FB Stan Edwards 205, QB John Wangler 192, WR Anthony Carter 161, these weights are enough to scare you if playing in today's game. IMHO!!!

Bob said...

AC at 161 wow! That is very light. Good info VOR!