Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wolverine Wednesday: Last Bit of Buzz From The Sub

Since we are officially out of the Sub and game week, I wanted to give you the last post on Sub buzz on what I have heard from a couple of places.  Again, these are rumors and not fact:

  • Drake Johnson is banged up.  We are not clear on the injury (or if it was from the Forklift incident) but it might keep him out a few games.   This now really opens the door for Evans if accurate.   Smith #1, Isaac #2, Evans #3.   There is also some buzz that Higdon has had a couple of injury issues as well and has missed a large part of camp.

  • Kareem Walker is not in the mix right now and could be on transfer watch.  As we know he had an "issue" early in camp and were not sure it's fully been resolved. 

  • The 3 freshman WR's have done very well and should see the field this year:  McDoom, Johnson and Crawford.   I like Johnson and McDoom in the Slot, I like Crawford as an outside WR.   BTW: Crawford could be sporting #1 (his roster number) on game day.   That would be something.   Some freshman numbers will be changing this week, as some may have qualified for special teams and there can't be anyway the same number would be on the field at the same time.
3 more days, 3 more days...........................

  • Hawaii asked for Michigan's scrimmage tape, Jimmy declined.  

  • Beyer, Wilson, Ross, and Kerridge all made the first cuts by the NFL this week.

  • We still haven't seen at depth chart and not sure we are going to get one before Saturday.


ScottyDoggs said...

Anybody else following Tebow's attempt to play baseball? I think he did extremely well in his workout (can only improve with playing time)

The reason I bring this up is many baseball big wigs came down on Tebow hard... "like he's disrespecting the game" [WTF?] Let the man try, Tebow probably would have made a better baseball player than football but the choice was his to make.

I hope he does well, and if he does; does the home plate become an altar for Tebow to thank the LORD for another home-run?

Voice of Reason said...

"Hawaii asked for Michigan's scrimmage tape, Jimmy declined."

The Hawaii coaches must think that Jimmy was born yesterday or just fell from that tree he climbed this year because scrimmages usually have teams practicing what they are going to run that week. Jimmy wasn't trying to be a bad sport about it, the request was simply foolishness and asinine on Hawaii's part..unless he sent them the spring game. But I guess it was worth a try.

However, albeit that even if Hawaii knew what was going to happen they may not be able to stop it any how. IMHO!!!

Bob said...

I would sign Tebow to a Class A minor league contract, let him get some real baseball training and see what happens. That minor league club will blow up in ticket sales and Tebow jerseys. We will see quickly if he can play or not.

Hawaii was grasping at straws, I can't believe they even asked. If you didn't want us to see your game tape, maybe not schedule a game across the globe in late August.

Scott K said...

I believe it was Webb that reported Walker had a head injury, possible concussion.