Sunday, September 11, 2016

Central Florida Post Game

              Chris Wormley gets the block!  
David Guralnick, Detroit News

The important stat of the game was the final score of 51-14.   Michigan threw the ball well and played incredible special teams in blocking multiple punts and a field goal.   I like how when Central Florida put a ton of guys in the box to stop the run, Michigan passed and passed effectively.   Wilton played well and threw for over 300 yards, 4 TD's and more importantly didn't throw a pick. 

With all that said, I thought the Wolverines didn't have their best game on Saturday.   The offensive line was not able to find a running game and UCF ran for 275 yards. Michigan ran for a total of 119 yards.  Most of UCF's yards were on a few plays but those still shouldn't happen against a Michigan defense.   I can see the QB break away for one nice run, but UCF QB's had 67 yards total yards on the ground.  I don't even want to talk about that 87 yard sweep for a TD.    Michigan's leading rusher was Smith with a total of 38 yards on ten carries.

  • Wilton was sharp all day (does he have a strange throwing motion?)
  • The Michigan offense is flexible enough to adjust during the game
  • UCF had 56 passing yards
  • Special teams had a great game
  • Gary had a 1/2 a sack and two TFL's
  • Peppers was everywhere
  • No injuries
  • The offensive line run blocking
  • The defense giving up 275 yards on the ground
  • Michigan's top rusher had 38 yards
  • 87 yard TD should never happen
  • Butt had a couple of drops (did have an overall nice game)

I know Jimmy was trying to send a few messages by keeping the starters in the game.  I would have liked to see O'Korn play the entire 4th quarter.   I think he needs experience playing in this offense if he is needed. 

Next week, Michigan will play a real opponent in the Big House.  Colorado has an senior laded team and also has two blowout wins under their belt.   I expect the team will work on a few things this week in practice.


ScottyDoggs said...

With you 100% that O'Korn should get a is an injury sport and thru the years witnessed serious injuries in "garbage time", or rather game already decided time.

I thought that strength of schedule was going to become a dominating force for football... people still have those horse-blinders on so they see a 12-0 team that played nobody, and vote for them; while an 10-2 team that played everybody is father down in the rankings.

I guess some of these milk-toast teams (cupcakes), need a good payday to make ends meet... also once and awhile they win like "the chips" "with a little help from my friend"

Michigan has problems with the spread, Ohio State is a spread team and so far is showing itself as a force (we shall see).

Gotta beat the Buff's... my butt still burns from that "Hail Mary".

ScottyDoggs said...

Scott K: I am 1200 miles away so I want to here what you observed:
What's improving, what's not working, Etc. I think we will beat MSU, what about OSU? I know it's early but also anybody else who went to the game likes/dislikes?

Scott K said...

I have been concerned about our O-line coming into the season and just as much now. Our O line hasn't been good for three years, and we have the same players, what makes them magically better?

I don't buy the UCF was run blitzing and that's why we pretty much gave up on the running game. If our O line can't move UCF off the line of scrimmage, we're going to be screwed against PSU, WS, MSU, ohio state....

On the first two big runs we gave us Saturday there were blatant holding penalties committed by UCF WR's that prevented our corners from getting in the pay, neither were called.

The fact that the O line did pass protect well enough to give Wilt a 300 yard passing game is some saving grace. I think we can probably improve the running game by coming out passing, backing off the D. Its my uneducated opinion that we're going to need to pass to set up the run, rather than vice versa.
Wilton is money. He stepped up in the pocket when facing outside pressure, looked very smooth, and hit some nice long balls..

Gary is a MONSTER, Winovich was a pleasant surprise, he was all over the place.

with Chesson and McDoom speed, the jet sweep will probably always work once a game, might set up a reverse as well.

We totally need to figure something out with the running game or we're not going to see another 10-2 record this year.

There's no place like the Big House. Although it took about four tried to get the wave to catch on outside the student section. I know, I know... its eary in the season.

Go Blue.