Friday, September 16, 2016

Colorado Preview
Time: 3:30
Location: Big House
Weather:  70% Rain - 76 degrees
Line: Michigan -19

Michigan and Colorado have played 4 times and Michigan leads 3-1.   You would think there probably isn't much history to the series.  We know that 1 win was one of the most historic wins in Big House history.   We will see that replay enough on Saturday, so no need to mention it here further.  

Colorado is no push over folks.  Yes, Michigan is nearly a 3 TD favorite but I believe Colorado will give the Wolverines some issues.   They have experience in the defensive backfield and a senior QB.   Their DC Jim Leavitt worked for Jimmy in San Fran and knows his offense well.

Michigan played two poor teams in the first two weeks and got a spot on ESPN and ABC nationally.   A 2-0 PAC 12 team comes to town and the game ends up on BTN.   Which is a clear sign there is a ton of big games on TV this weekend. 

Tale of the Tape
Wilton vs Colorado DB's =  Close win for Wilton
M DLine vs. Colorado OLine = Michigan DLine
Colorado QB Sefo Liufau vs. Peppers =  Peppers
Coaching = Michigan

Colorado will push the tempo and spread the Wolverines out.  It's no secret what the Wolverines have struggled with in the past.   Michigan and Don Brown has it's first real test of the year.   We will see what he has in store for QB Sefo Liufau.  I hope Jourdan is back and healthy, because I think Colorado will test the Michigan secondary as much as possible. 

I expect that the Colorado coaching staff, noticed how the UCF QB's got loose last week and will run Sefo has much as possible (he has 120 yards rushing in two games).    I also assume Don Brown fixed that issue during the week.

Say I love Aspen in the Winter if........................
  • Wilton is accurate and hitting Michigan's talented WR's and TE's
  • Michigan finds some type of running game
  • The defense is prepared for the up tempo spread
  • Michigan's D creates 3 turnovers and has 0 on offense
Yell, I have seen this sh** before if...............................
  • Colorado's offense looks a lot like Indiana's
  • A senior QB leads a team with nothing to lose
  • Wilton is turning the ball over
  • Michigan struggles to run the ball

I think this game could be an ugly one.   I hope Michigan prepares to come out and play like they did in the opener and not against UCF.   They can't over look this team.  Colorado has an experienced team and it's a program on the rise.  With that said, they have lost their last 22 match-ups against ranked teams.    Michigan should win this game but if they over look the Buffalos for Penn State, Michigan will find themselves in a close game. 

I think Michigan does run the ball and finds match-up problems with their talented tight ends.   Colorado again will be able to move the ball between the 20's but will find a hard time scoring touchdowns against a talented Michigan defense when the field shrinks.  Jourdan Lewis plays and gets a pick.    Peppers spy's on Sefo Liufau and doesn't let him scramble much.   Michigan pulls away in the second half.

Michigan 34 Colorado 13


ScottyDoggs said...

I'm going even up on this game...Colorado is coming here to win and are guy's have got to stop them. "Even up" but Michigan pulls out a victory by 7 or less (have to do a sign of the cross)... one team will be a contender; one a pretender. Big game: BHB & MGOBLOG both give wide margins of victory, I hope they are more right then I am.

dude1984 said...

This should be the first real challenge of the season, specifically on defense. I'm not to worried offensive because of the skill and ability to adapt so CO will have to pick their poison...stop the run, but let Speight throw all over the place, or shut down the pass, but let Michigan's stable of RBs run all over them. Anyways, Colorado has some skill on O, and they like to play a high-tempo spread offense. It should be interesting to see how Brown game plans and adjusts.

As for the game being on BTN, I went to 506 sports to see the schedule and in the 3:30 ET/2:30 CT time slot. ABC has Oregon and Nebraska and ESPN has Pitt and OK State. I can't believe Michigan loses out to these teams, especially Pitt and OK State.

The prime time slot is insane...ABC has Stanford and USC, NBC has ND and Michigan State, and FOX has Oklahoma and Ohio State...I'll be flipping between NBC and FOX.

ScottyDoggs said...

Eeither I am mentally ill, or many of the other blogs: The members drank the Kool-Aid. Everyone is predicting a decisive to "blow-out" victory.
this reminds me of the early 1900's, when in Galveston Texas, many people went by the ocean to watch the hurricane come in and 6000 got killed.
Colorado is not Hawaii, nor UCF, they are a different "kettle of fish"
The predictions are rather dichotomous: either an a decisive victory, or the outlier (me) with a slim margin of victory. After this game someone needs some therapy (I hope it's me)
Also, the rain has a habit of evening up the teams (historically).

If I post too much, let me know I can quit.
Dude 1984 is leaning towards a tougher game, though with a Michigan victory.

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