Friday, September 2, 2016

Hawaii Preview

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Location: Big House
Time: High Noon
Weather: 75 and Sunny
Line: Michigan -40

It's finally here, after New Years Day we wanted to play football again the next week.  Michigan put their best game of the year together in the Citrus Bowl and it's been a long 8 months since. 

Football officially started last night and I tried to watch as much as I could.  What I watched was pretty poor.  Yes, you expect some poor play opening weekend but I was surprised how bad it actually was.  App State almost had another victim and probably should have as their kicker missed an extra point and a field goal, both which could have been the difference in the game. 

Michigan Football is back, they will be wearing new Jumpman uniforms and Michigan is ranked in the top 10.   You have to love it!

Tale of the Tape

Michigan vs. a 40 point spread = Michigan win

Hawaii has played a game already and still is a 40 point dog to Michigan at the Big House.   They played in Australia last weekend, went back to Hawaii, and now will play at noon in the Eastern Time Zone.  Their body clock must not have any idea what time it is or where they are at.    They have been practicing at Saline High School for a couple of days to prepare for Saturday.

They did score 31 points against Cal last week.   Their spread offense could give Michigan problems, like Indiana has in the past.  Jimmy hired Don Brown to be able to stop these type of offenses.   This will be an interesting test for Michigan's defense.  

The one thing we know for sure, the Hawaii defense should not be able to ever stop Michigan's offense.  I don't expect Kenny to have too many chances to punt on Saturday. 

Hawaii won 3 games last year and played two Big Ten Teams.   Ohio State beat them 38-0 and Wisconsin beat them 28-0.   That doesn't bode well for the Rainbow Warriors at the Big House against one of the best defenses in the country. 

Say, We should play this game in November in Hawaii next year my friends if..........................
  • Wilton plays with confidence
  • Smith and Isaac both go over 100 yards
  • One of the freshman WR's stands out
  • The offensive line looks very good
  • The defense pitches a shut out
  • Gary gets his first sack in the Big House
Say, I'm going to burn all my Hawaiian shirts if....................
  • Michigan's defense struggles against a spread offense
  • Wilton is turning the ball over
  • Michigan doesn't leave the game 100% healthy
I have no problem with this game, I think Michigan should always open against a MAC School or a team like Hawaii.   If the NCAA is not going to allow at least one pre-season game, then Michigan shouldn't open against a power team.   Play them in week two or three.

Hawaii is not good at football right now, but they did score 31 points against a PAC 12 team last week.  There is a threat this could be a shoot out but I'm excited to see how they do against Michigan's Dline and DB's.    I expect, the Rainbow Warriors will have trouble finding the end zone in Ann Arbor.   I hope a number of players get to play and we even see O'Korn take snaps in the 4th quarter. 

Michigan 42 Hawaii 3


Renegade said...

Tale of the Tape

Michigan vs. a 40 point spread = Michigan win

Michigan 42 Hawaii 3 (= 39)

hmmm ... if by win you mean they win the game ... OK. If by win you mean they beat the spead ... arithmetic doesn't work.

Scott K said...

I'd much rather the defense shut them out...whether the spread is covered or not.

32-0 would be just fine.


Scott K said...

20 hours til kick off..... not keeping track or anything

dude1984 said...
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dude1984 said...

Considering Michigan is a much more talented team, their at home, and Hawaii should be jet lagged. Whoever makes Hawaii's schedule is a sadist...they've traveled over 9500 miles and went from being 20 hours ahead, a brief pit stop in Honolulu, and then going 6 hours ahead of local time in the past week and a half...what time would they even be on? If Michigan doesn't cover the spread, it'll be a disappointment.

ScottyDoggs said...

Scott K... Yes shut out is much better! What's the modern day record for a season, 5??

(lol) 20 hours left, but not really keeping track!
Punt/ counter punt on MGOBLOG someone predicting 21/20 Hawaii win... must have sniffed some left over Jim Jones Kool-Aid!

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