Monday, September 19, 2016

Michigan Monday: Answers a Question and Does a Quick Look Ahead to Penn State

Let's first answer a question by regular BHB reader ScottyDoggs:   He asks if Michigan can get back to OSU level of play and will Michigan ever dominate OSU again? 

Love or hate Urban Meyer but the man can do to things; coach and recruit.  His philosophy is to load up on fast athletes and that will give match up problems.  Pro-style QB's don't want to go Columbus because that system doesn't translate to the NFL.   His only NFL QB of note, was actually a Jimmy reclamation project in Alex Smith.    Urban recruits speed everywhere, even at the QB position.

Jimmy, wants to win with power football, defense and good QB play.   The one thing I have seen Jimmy do while at Michigan is adapt.   That is why I think he is a great coach.   Lloyd Carr was not good at adapting, RR only knew one way, and Hoke trusted his coordinators way to much which equaled little to no change.    Watching Peppers in his own program and OSU blow out the Wolverines in the Big House last year got him thinking more about speed and play making.   I don't know if Chris Evans would be in the program if OSU didn't blow out Michigan last year. 

Jimmy knows you can't win like Bo did in todays game, but he still believes that great coaching, great defense and great QB play.   Yes, Michigan will be on OSU's level soon if not this year.  Will Michigan dominate the Ohio State series again?  Not with Urban Meyer there.   He has been successful at every level and will continue to re-load every year in Columbus.   The good news is that Urban tapped out at Florida and could do it again at Ohio State.   I think Michigan MBA grad and Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross should offer him 15 million a year to leave C-Bus for the Dolphins.  Pay back for the Yankees paying Drew Henson.  

A look ahead to Penn State:

Penn State is 2-1 with a loss to Pitt and wins over Kent and Temple.   I have seen bit and pieces of those games and PSU has seemed to struggle in all 3.   They give up 27 points a game and James Franklin is squarely on the hot seat.   I thought he was a great hire, but he hasn't found the magic formula in Happy Valley.  Even QB Christian Hackenberg took shots at him for his poor play after Bill O'Brien left.

Michigan is favored by 17.

3:30 Kick on ABC

This is a Jimmy type of game.  Penn State is not going to surprise you and I expect Michigan to come ready to play and shouldn't have much trouble with the Nittany Lions.

  • Memo to Iowa, don't ever schedule the best team in the FCS. Please learn from Michigan's mistakes.   This is why the Big Ten has a rule you can't schedule the FCS any longer.

  • Michigan is still #4 in the AP.  Louisville jumped them after their blowout win over FSU.  MSU is #8, Wisconsin #11.

  • Mike Weber at OSU is pretty good, so is Donnie Corley for MSU.  Damn those guys not understanding the best instate players go to Michigan.

  • It seems that Tom Brady hit every position group in his pre-game speech. 
  • A guy I missed in Cheers section yesterday was the play of Khalid Hill.   He has been outstanding in the FB/TE role and made a great block on the Darboh long TD!

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Maryland vs UCF went to over time... Maryland won.