Monday, September 12, 2016

Michigan Monday: CMU Needs To Send Michigan a Thank You Note

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past two days you know that Central Michigan upset Oklahoma State on a Hail Mary/hook and ladder play.   The play actually never should have happened as the officials made the wrong call, giving Central an un-timed down after a 4th down intentional grounding call on OK State.   We now know the officials made a mistake and that play never should have happened.   What was interesting is that OK State decided to throw the ball out of bounds instead of punting.   I wonder why they didn't choose to punt?   I think we all know that answer!   Congrats to Central on another nice win.  How about the D1 football programs in Michigan?   Both Western and Central with big upset wins against power 5 conference teams and Michigan and MSU both un-defeated. 

  • Per Jimmy's post game, Jourdan is now working through another issue.  David Long didn't dress either.

  • Jimmy called out UCF's run blitzes as a reason the running game didn't really preform on Saturday.   I'm willing to accept that for some of the runs, I think the offense line should also take some blame.

  • Michigan is a 19.5 favorite over Colorado on Saturday.

  • Michigan up to #4 in the AP.

A look ahead to Colorado this weekend:
  • 3:30 Kick, on BTN
  • They play at Michigan this weekend and host Oregon the week after.
  • Averaging 326.5 yards in the Air
  • Averaging 261 rushing yards
  • ESPN Power PAC 12 Ranking has Colorado ranked #7
  • Colorado got 2 total votes in the AP and Coaches Poll. 

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