Monday, September 26, 2016

Michigan Monday: Things We Learned This Weekend

Les and Cam gone at LSU:   Both guys obviously have ties to Ann Arbor.   I never understand why coaches have such at hard time at adapting.   Les is a players coach and very good recruiter.    His style of offense is just completely outdated.   I also don't understand why he didn't make changes in the off season, after he nearly got fired last season.  I would have waited until the end of the season, but it was clear a change had to be made.   He did win a lot of games at LSU and even a National Championship that we all remember too well.    Let us not forget where LSU went many years ago to hire a head coach when they had an opening - MSU. 

ND:  They aren't as good as we thought they were.  Which sort of spoils MSU's win over them a week ago. 

Wisconsin: Is pretty darn good.  Many had thought Wisconsin would be average this year.  They have a very difficult schedule, a new QB, and a no name defense.   They have now knocked off two top 10 teams and play another on Saturday.   Many of us on Michigan's schedule looked towards MSU, Iowa and OSU as being the big tests the Wolverines had to pass this year.   Saturday will be just as big or bigger.

MSU: Does have issues and Wisconsin exposed them.  It will be hard for them to move the ball on talented defenses this year.

Nebraska:  I'm not sure they are back after a close win over Northwestern but they are going to be in the hunt in the Big Ten West.

Iowa: 14-7 over Rutgers?  Might be some issues in Iowa.


  • Jimmy shows us something new every week on offense.  He will do whatever it takes to win.   He also doesn't like to pull out starters until under 4:00 minutes left in the game. 
  • Taco and Jourdan make the defense so much better.   Jourdan locks down a side of the defense and Taco's consistent pressure always moves the pocket and gets the QB nervous.
  • It looks like Kenny fixed his field goal and extra point issues from the week before.   He still makes me nervous in a big/close game.
  • Jeremy Clark will be missed.  He was a consistently good DB and will be hard to replace.   He also gave Michigan flexibility at the safety position, which struggled against Colorado.  It would be great if he could get a injury redshirt.
  • RB depth is unbelievable - Michigan has 5 starters at the RB position.  They also have a highly touted freshman who is redshirting and Drake Johnson who is hurt looking for a 6th year.  
  • Mo Hurst could be a high NFL draft pick if he continues to play like this.
  • Special teams is better this year because Michigan has it's starters on that squad.  When that happens, injuries like Jeremy Clark will also happen.

A Look Ahead to Wisconsin:
  • 4-0 wins over MSU and LSU.  Struggled against Georgia State.
  • Ranked #8 in both polls
  • Give up 11.8 points per game, which ranks #7 in the country
  • Score 30 points per game (66th in the country)
  • Played two QB's this year
  • Play Michigan, OSU, Iowa and Nebraska in the next 4 games
  • ESPN Big Ten Power rankings is #2 behind OSU
  • Michigan is a 10 point favorite on Saturday ( Hello Big Ten Power Ranking people?)


ScottyDoggs said...

I just looked up Georgia State, there record is (0-3), but did give Wisconsin hell of a game. I'm sure Harbaugh will memorize the game tape between Wisconsin/Georgia State (if he get's it)
Early prediction, I will go with spread of ten (Michigan advantage) (about right).
How is that, a team {Wisconsin} beats LSU & Michigan State, yet fights to beat a Georgia State? (WTF)

Ron Brangham said...

It appeared to me that Jeremy Clark was not touched during the special teams play and that the ACL tear was just a matter of time and not due to playing special teams.

posty55 said...

First off great blog...I read it everyday...I have a question for u...I asked the same question in a Michigan chat room and had mixed results...Should Michigan make Les Miles an honorary captain????

Scott K said...

I wonder if Les Miles' son is a FB recruit that Jim is interested in.