Thursday, September 29, 2016

Michigan Thursday: Looks Towards The Big Ten Weekend

Its clear what is the top Big Ten game of the weekend.  It's one of the biggest games of the weekend in all college football between #4 Michigan vs. #8 Wisconsin.  That preview will be tomorrow in its regular time slot. 

Lets look what else is happing in the Big Ten:

MSU at IU:  Both are coming off disappointing loses.   Everyone was riding high on the Spartans after the upset of ND.  Then we found out ND wasn't any good, MSU turned the ball over against Wisconsin and got blown out itself.   IU who likes to score but never plays much defense, lost to Wake Forest last week.   I'm not sure what IU has this year but they could sneak out a win here if they continue to put up points.   MSU is favored by at TD.  MSU 38 IU 34

Minnesota at PSU:  We saw Penn State pretty much lay down in the Big House last week.  They have been hit hard by injuries and just don't have the depth to make them a top tier Big 10 team.  The Golden Gophers do what they do every year, they are 3-0 early and now want to make some noise in the Big Ten.   PSU is favored by 3.   Minnesota 28 Penn State 14

Illinois at Nebraska:  Is Nebraska for real this year?  This program seems to be on the rise and they have been playing pretty good football this year.   Illinois isn't there yet and a 20.5 dog in this game.   Nebraska 31 Illinois 17

Purdue at Maryland:  These teams are pretty much a mystery.  Can Purdue make a bowl game this year?  They will have to win this game if they are.   Maryland is favored by 10.
Maryland 24 Purdue 21

Rutgers at OSU is a 38 point line.

Northwestern at Iowa:  Not a huge fan of Iowa this year, but Northwestern has played 4 games at home and won 1.  Iowa is favored by 13.5.   Iowa 31 NW 10


  • Yahoo's Pat Forde has a nice write up on Peppers.  It's a good read!

  • Another visitor this weekend:  4 Star DE Deron Irving-Bey.    Commit watch? 

One thing to watch on Saturday is Wisconsin's field goal kicking.   Their kicker is hurt and during the MSU game it seemed they went for a number of 4th downs to try to score more TD's.    Could be an interesting dynamic for Saturday. 

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