Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Michigan Tuesday: Peppers Turns Wow into POW!

Jabrill Peppers might be one of the best athletes to ever wear the Maize and Blue.  With that said, he just did something that has never been done before.  He won the Big Ten Player of the Week for Defense and Special Teams in the same week.  Peppers did share the defensive player of the week award with Ohio State's Jerome Baker this week.

For the season, Peppers leads the country with 9 1/2 tackles for loss through three games. He's also the nation's leading punt returner with a total of 173 yards.

Michigan has had a Big Ten POW each week of the season.  Mike McCray won for Defense in week one and Wilton Speight won the offensive award in week two.

  • Insiders are saying that Drake Johnson is probably done for the year and Michigan will look into a 6th year of eligibility for him.  If anyone deserves a 6th year it's Drake.  That kid has been crazy unlucky with injuries.

  • Quinn Nordin also seems to have a hamstring injury.  Hopefully, Kenny can work out his issues from last week.   Come on, Kenny!

  • Many Michigan fans threw up in their mouths a little bit when Ann Arbor resident and former ESPN top man Mike Tirico said, (during the MSU/ND game) that every week a player gets to wear the #1 jersey because ND has the top winning percentage in college football.   Well, it seems that percentage is so close now that if ND were to lose one more game and Michigan continues to win, that Michigan would have regained that title.   Maybe ND can then hand out the #2 jersey.   ND plays Duke this week, so its probably not going to happen this week.

  • Jimmy killed it on the Dan LeBatard Show today.  Listen to the podcast on ESPN radio.   That is the perfect way to interview him.

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