Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Michigan Tuesday: Recruiting Bullets and Some Player Development

Some recruiting news and notes from the weekend:

  • Michigan needs WR's in this class and have their sites set on number high profile guys.   One of those guys is CT WR Tarik Black who visited this past weekend.   He called the visit "incredible" and he will take a few more visits before deciding, he will be at Auburn this weekend. 

  • Most recruits don't get to play at the Big House before they join the Wolverines.   Paramus Catholic 4 star LB Drew Singleton did that on Friday night and stayed an extra day to watch the Wolverines on an un-official visit.

  • Michigan commit from Florida Kai-Leon Herbert visited the Gators this past weekend and then took down his Michigan stuff on twitter.  Not a great sign.

  • IMG Center Cesar Ruiz will take his official to A2 for the Wisconsin game.

Regarding Bryan Mone injury, Glasgow said, he played a series after he hurt his knee, which is a good sign it's not too serious.  Insiders are saying no more then two weeks for Taco and probably a month for Mone's injury. 

Two guys I'm really excited about their development are Mike McCray and Grant Perry.   Lets talk about Mike first. 

Mike has been a guy that has been battling injuries even before he got to Ann Arbor.   If I remember correctly the highly recruited LB from Ohio had limited action during his senior year in High School after getting hurt during his senior season.   After that, Mike has rarely seen the field as multiple injuries have limited his playing time while in Ann Arbor.   One of the biggest concerns of the off season was, what will Michigan have at LB?  Mike answered that on Saturday with 3.5 TFL and the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week.  I couldn't agree more to what Jimmy said during his press conference regarding the middle LB play (the bold is mine and the point I want to make from his statement): Yeah, a top performer on defense. I really like our inside backers. Devin Bush played well, too. Mike McCray was outstanding. Ben Gedeon was pretty darn close. Those two played outstanding. Feel like we’re more athletic. Feel like we’re in great hands in terms of two real good players up the middle.  A perceived weakness before the year, actually may now be a strength.

Grant Perry was an instate WR recruit that was headed to Northwestern.   It was a done deal as the Wolverines never really came calling and he was headed to a great school to play football.   Then Jimmy called right before signing day and Grant changed his mind and got a chance to play for his childhood favorite team.   Grant got an opportunity last year to play early as a freshman and made a major mistake during is first game, he cut off a route in the Utah game that lead to one of Rudock's 3 picks on the day.  The rest of his season wasn't anything to write home about. Then you saw him have a very good Citrus Bowl that has lead to very good first game of his sophomore year.   He is becoming a very good slot WR and I expect him to have a strong season with the likes of Chesson, Darboh and Butt getting a lot of attention from the defense.

Time to put Week one behind us and now focus on week two and Central Florida.   BTW, did you see what Colorado did to Colorado State this past weekend?  They won 44-7.   That could be a decent ball game. 


Scott K said...

I really, really like to way Evans runs. I think we might be looking at the next dominant U of M RB.... since Mike Hart we haven't a guy who was THAT guy. I think we do now!


ScottyDoggs said...

Some sport reporters made comments that Notre Dame lost due to "platooning of Quarterbacks", disrupts flow of game. I thought Harbaugh might do the same; but he's too smart to bite on that... through the years I have never seen a dual quarterback situation work. Bo even tried it once and it "belly flopped".
Did Ohio State reload already?? Or did all the Bowling Green players assume the fetal position for 60 minutes to prevent injury?
I still am sticking with 12-0 for Jimmy. when they do it; they will have seriously earned it.

Bob said...

I didn't watch the OSU game as there was a better game on :). I think we will learn a lot about the Buckeyes when they travel to Oklahoma. Yes, they just lost to a good Houston team, but I expect they will be ready to play and try to save their season when the Buckeyes come to town.

Scott K said...

Looking forward to watching the game from the North End Zone Saturday, hope the rain and thunderstorms hold off! GO BLUE!!

BTW: 247 Sports has a couple crystal balls sending Nico Collins to GA. He is quoted as saying Michigan, GA and AL are tie at the top, with fsu and clemson trailing.

Scott K said...


You can never tell what ends up making the difference to these 18 yo recruits, but this didn't sound like much of a big deal at all.

Bob said...

The longer the Nico recruitment goes, the worse it is for the Wolverines, I believe. If it goes to signing day or even by the end of the season, I'm guessing he will stick with an SEC team.

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