Sunday, September 25, 2016

Penn State Post Game

Teammates celebrate with Michigan tight end Devin Asiasi
Robin Buckson- Det News

Michigan has played 3 non-conference games prior to Penn State coming to the Big House on Saturday.  We have seen balanced offense, we have seen an opponent pretty much stop the run, and we have seen the passing game carry the offense.   We haven't seen the Michigan offense run over an opponent yet. 

Until Saturday afternoon, where the Wolverines put up 326 yards on the ground and 5 RB's scored touchdowns.   Usually you have a back that goes for 200 yards on a day like this.   That didn't happen for the Wolverines, Smith lead all rushers with barley over 100 yards (107) and Higdon was next with some impressive running with 9 carries for 81 yards.

This game was over in the 1st quarter and it was clear to pretty much everyone.   I had a minor concern at the start of the second half when the Wolverines looked a little flat to start the half.  It didn't matter and Penn State's big comeback bid was a field goal.   Penn State is not Penn State and Michigan is finally Michigan. 

It was also great to see Lewis and Taco back.  It made a huge difference in how the Wolverines played on defense.  Penn State had one good player and it was clear it was Barkley, but even he couldn't even keep PSU in the game. 

  • Welcome home running game
  • Welcome home great coaching
  • Welcome home great defense
  • Welcome home another dominating performance on national TV
  • Mo Hurst was pretty much un-blockable
  • No turnovers on offense
  • 5 RB's with TD's
  • Lewis and Taco playing
  • Clarks ACL deciding it was time to tear
  • The defense gave up a couple big runs from Barkley
  • Stribling had too many PI calls

Yes, the game was nearly perfect until Jeremy Clark went down.  Now, Don Brown has less flexibility and experience in the Wolverines backfield.   My guess is we will see more young players including Lavert Hill, Keith Washington and even David Long.

The schedule quickly gets tougher next week, as the (soon to be) top 10 Wisconsin Badgers come to the Big House looking to knock off it's 3rd top 10 team of the year.   I think we found out that ND is not very good and MSU has some issues.   Wisconsin seems to be legit and can play some defense.   Jimmy and the offense staff has it's hands full this week in preparing for it's first real test of the year.   I like Michigan's defense against Wisconsin's young QB and offense.   It will be a physical game and I'm looking forward to it! 

Side Notes:  ND sorry about that winning percentage thing.  I guess you can hand out the #2 jersey each week now.   Colorado loses to Harbaugh a week ago but beats Hoke the next week as Colorado upset Oregon last night.


ScottyDoggs said...

Who drank the flavored water at Oregon when they hired Hoke?... If anybody seen the first hunger games....they ought to lock Hoke in a room, only with a bowl full of poison berries to eat or drink.
Harbaugh said he saw improvement, I take his word for it, but an already weak Perv State defense was decimated by cumulative quantity of injured players.
Yes this week is a true test with Badgers... of who's got it or who don't.

Dvzk said...

@scottydoggs don't you mean Pedo state U?