Friday, September 30, 2016

Wisconsin Preview
Time: 3:30
Location: Big House
Weather:  66 and 50% Rain
Line: Michigan -10.5

This game needs no introduction as two top 10 teams are facing off.  Is this a preview of the Big Ten Championship game?  Us Wolverine fans hope so, but we also know that MSU and OSU looms on the schedule.   Wisconsin also has the hardest schedule in the nation with OSU, Iowa and Nebraska in the next 3 weeks.

Tale of the Tape
Michigan offense vs. Wisconsin D = Push
Michigan D vs. Wisconsin O = Michigan
Location = Michigan
Special Teams = Michigan
Coaching = Michigan
Momentum = Push

Both teams have inexperienced QB's under center.  Wilton might have a few more snaps under his belt then Alex Hornibrook who got his first start against MSU last week.  If you want to ponder how either team could lose this game, turnovers from the QB position is a pretty easy target. 

It would be hard to find a team with more momentum then Wisconsin.   They beat LSU in week one and MSU last week.   Many didn't give them much of a chance in either game.  They also struggled with Georgia State in Week 3.   Wisconsin has only played a couple home games and been on the road to Great Lake State two weeks in a row. 

Yell, I love Cheese, all types of Cheese if.......................
  • If Wilton plays clean
  • Michigan's WR and TE's have a big day
  • Michigan's Defense stops Wisconsin all day
  • Peppers jumps into the Heisman race
Yell, I'm Lactose intolerant anyways if......................
  • Michigan turns the ball over like MSU did
  • Michigan's offense can't move it on Wisconsin's D
  • Michigan is not used to the physical play of Wisconsin
  • Michigan's defense plays average

I like Michigan in this match-up because they know the style of football Wisconsin plays.   They are not Houston and will try to hit short passes, run the ball and play great defense.   Their whole philosophy is to wait for the other team to make a mistake and win a close game.

Wisconsin won't let Michigan run on them, because they know that is a slow death in the Big House.   They will stack the box and make Wilton beat them in the air.    That jet sweep Michigan has been running won't work against Wisconsin either.   Michigan must throw the ball and do it often.   We need huge games from Butt, Darboh and Chesson.  

The Badgers are beat up and their kicker is out for the year and one of their best players on defense (if not the best)  LB Vince Biegel had surgery on this foot this week and is out on Saturday. 

Wisconsin is playing with confidence and got LSU and MSU at the right times.  They also like playing on the road and have won 8 straight road games. They play a physical defense and use time of possession and field position on offense.  They have a very inexperience QB (who did play well in EL) who hasn't felt the pressure of the Big House and best defensive line in the county.   With Lewis back at corner and Taco back at DE,  it's hard to find a weakness on defense for the Wolverines.  Wisconsin needs a good kicker and he is hurt.  They will have to un-naturally risk 4th downs because they can't risk a miss.   This plays right into Michigan's strong defense. 

This will be a physical low scoring game.  I love our TE's and WR's in this one.  Peppers has to be jumping out of his skin in getting to play a top 10 game.   Jimmy will have the boys fired up and they won't miss this opportunity to make a statement.  We have all been waiting years for a real football game in the Big House.   Michigan is back folks and it's time to let the nation in on what is going on here!

Michigan 24 Wisconsin 7


Voice of Reason said...

MSU made four turnovers that led to 13 Wisconsin points and plus they dropped a punt on their own five yard line that led to a Wisconsin td which is a total of 20 points that MSU gave away. Statistically that game was pretty even and without the mistakes would have been a typical MSU vs. Wisconsin match up and is about the same strength.

There are times when I wonder if the talking heads in the media really know what they are talking about when they rate the top teams. LSU is proving they aren't very strong along with ND, Oklahoma, Texas, FSU, Ole Miss, USC, UCLA, and so forth.

Ole Miss and FSU proved to be evenly matched, and then Louisville blows out FSU, while Ole Miss takes Alabama down to the wire but yet Alabama is considered a lot better than Louisville. MSU needs a bye week to beat a hapless ND squad who drops out of the polls, and Wisconsin beats a questionable LSU team, a MAC Akron team, and has to fight to come from behind at home to beat a winless (MAC level) Georgia State team by six points and yet the experts have Wisconsin the #8th best team in the country. I'm concerned about the state of college football in this country.

If the truth be told, we don't really know just how good Michigan is this year yet, but based on the returning players Michigan "should" be a better team with better depth than Wisconsin and "should" play that way this week.

However, Michigan needs a real test (or workout) to prepare them for the strength of their B1G schedule and in my opinion; I’m not too sure how much Wisconsin is a real test until I see it. Michigan is the best team that Wisconsin has played so far this year and maybe will play this year. (Yep I said it) So we will see. I expect Wisconsin to try to pull some surprises this week in their play calling but other than that, Wisconsin’s style is probably tailor made for Michigan. IMHO!!!

Voice of Reason said...

Michigan misses three fields goals for 9 points and then the interception (I believe) led to the Wisconsin td...I don't think that the game needed to be the nail biter that we saw the last quarter. IMHO!!!