Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wolverine Wednesday: Bad Memories

I have many bad memories while watching games in the Big House.   Rocket, App State, FSU, Ricky Foggy are just a few that stand out.   One I will never forget is what Colorado and Kordell Stewart did to Michigan on the final play.    After it happened, I remember looking around at the 110,000 people in complete silence and disbelief.   I will never forget that feeling.  

It seems Colorado hasn't either.  They will wear the same jersey combination they wore in 1994.   The good thing for Michigan is we have Jim Harbaugh and he remembers as well.  I'm guessing this might come up in his pre-game speech.   On a side note, Jimmy worked with Colorado DC Jim Leavitt at San Fran, he coached the LB's.   Leavitt was rumored to be a candidate for Michigan's DC before Don Brown was hired.

  • Mitch McGary's once promising NBA career seems to be at a cross roads.  His suspension of 4 games was just increased to 10 for not following the rules of his suspension.   He was already a long shot to make the Thunder's roster.

  • DB Darnay Holmes will not make it to campus this weekend for a visit.

If you haven't seen Rich Eisen address the team last weekend, it's worth a look:


ScottyDoggs said...

I hope the best for Mitch McGary, the pot "high" is not worth ruining your career over. Mitch has a more serious issue > Mitch is a "belieber" Now that is quite serious!

Blake Scott said...

Eisen killed it! I'll bet he even surprised Harbaugh with that speech. That was good stuff. Thanks Rich!

Scott K said...

I just read that today is the 25th anniversary of Desmond Howard's, layed out, 4th down game winning TD catch from Elvis to knock off the irish.

Damn.... Damn does that make me feel old.

Scott K said...

WAit, that was yesterday.