Monday, October 31, 2016

Michigan Monday: Jimmy Attends World Series

You never know where our rock star head coach is going to show up, he of course never sleeps and needs to fill non-working hours with something.  Most would watch the game from home after being on the road to East Lansing for a couple of days.  Not  Jimmy, he loaded up his wife and father and headed to Chicago.   Well done sir!


  • Michigan is still #2 in both polls

  • Michigan is a -30 over Maryland

  • DPJ has announced his top 5 schools:  Florida, FSU, Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State.  He plans to enroll at his school in January.  So we are probably a month or so away from his announcement.

  • Alabama WR Nico Collins will take his official to Ann Arbor this weekend.  I believe this will be his 3rd trip to Ann Arbor.

  • Aubrey Solomon is planning to take an official visit to A2 this weekend.  His mom will be attending with him.

  • It seems twitter is full of missed holding calls on MSU's offensive line.   It's hard to spot a ton of those on TV, but something had to be happening.   You just don't stop the best DL in the country that many times.  I hope the Michigan staff sends a tape to the Big Ten office.

A look ahead to Maryland

Maryland has seemed to be playing better this year under former Michigan DC DJ Durkin as a 1st year head coach.   He is doing well on the recruiting trail and now is one win away from a bowl game with a 5-3 record.  His losses have come to PSU, Minnesota and last weekend to IU.   The rest of the season looks like this: at Michigan, OSU, at Nebraska, and Rutgers.  That 6th win might not come until the end of the season.

  • Maryland is ranked 110th in passing per game
  • Maryland is ranked 12th in running per game
  • 3:30 Kick on ESPN
Happy Halloween!

Eric was so into the rivalry he looks like Paul Bunyan:

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Scott K said...

A great win in EL.... Many predicted a blow out (I was one) and many predicted a tight game. It was neither. Michigan won comfortably, considering MSU scored a TD in garbage time and there was no way a win was possible (not even something as freakish as last year could have done that for them, as I don't believe you can't advance a recovered onside kick in college).

Michigan's tackling was as sloppy as it had been all season, and there was certainly a big let off in the aggression in the 2nd half. That is curious to me, seeings how we really didn't see that in the blowout games this year. I guess it was that catch 22 time, being up by a couple scores isn't enough to bring in the 2nd string (who are hungry and want to score) yet the starters weren't motivated of focused enough to keep the peddle to the metal.

I think Hill, taking that unsportsman like conduct penalty after a 3rd & long stop late in the 1st qtr, very likely prevented the game from going full blow out. If MSU punted and we scored again, they would have been pretty deflated.

8-0 is 8-0... Wilton continues to get better, he stood in and made a couple beautiful passes, knowing he was going to take a hard shot. His footwork continues to improve as well.

I hope this team stays focused, they have a real chance at something very special!

Huskers can put a dagger in the cluckeyes too..... they are being exposed, they aren't all they were cracked up to be.