Monday, October 17, 2016

Michigan Monday: What We Learned About MSU & OSU this Weekend

Let's start with our instate rival Michigan State:

I would like to rewind the clock for a few minutes and talk about a story that most people haven't heard.   It's 2010 and Mark Dantonio was taking a much deserved vacation after a 11-2 season.  Lloyd Carr had retired and RR was about to get fired from Michigan.  Mark was feeling pretty good about the state of Spartan Football (even though Alabama had just blown them out in a bowl game).   He is on the beach when a genie's lantern washes up on shore.   Like any good American, Mark rubs the bottle and out pops a football genie.  He asks Mark for 3 football related wishes.   Mark responds................

1.  Michigan continues to have a historic down period and can't find a head coach.

2.  At least One Big Ten Championship for MSU

3.  An appearance in the BCS or College Playoffs if that ever happens

The genie pauses and says, "Mark number 2 and 3 is doable but your 1st choice is difficult.   Michigan is an historic program and has even run the best coach in college football out of East Lansing.   On a side note, in the future you will have a chance to follow the footsteps of Saban to LSU.  You should consider that seriously.   Let's get back to your first ask.   I will do it, but it ends in 2016.   So make sure you get all your wins and all your asks in by 2016.   You will have wins over the Wolverines and even a surprise win or two but your dominance ends in 2016.  Do we have a deal?"   

Mark took that deal.   Northwestern 54 MSU 40     

Now on to Ohio State:

Wisconsin had a better defense and game plan then Ohio State on Saturday night.   Wisconsin had a week off prior and home field advantage.   They had the lead for most of the game and looked like they were going to pull off the upset.

They didn't and there is one reason why.   Ohio State has better athletes then Wisconsin.   It's that easy.  Ever wonder why RR has struggled since leaving WVU?  He just can't recruit.   Ohio State is basically RR's offense with 4 and 5 star athletes.   (RR also can't figure out the defense side of the ball either.)   If you watched the Clemson - NC State game earlier in the day, same result.  Clemson has better athletes. 

When Michigan plays OSU.  They will need 3 things.   1) A great defensive performance, 2) Perfect QB Play, 3) Can't settle for field goals.    If Wisconsin scored touchdowns instead of kicking field goals they win the game easily.   They just have a young - inexperienced QB that couldn't get the ball over the goal line in the redzone.  

Side note:  I thought we were going to have at least one year off without a Bosa chasing a Michigan QB (Joey's brother tore his ACL last year).   I guess that won't happen now.   Thank you again, Brady Hoke for turning down Joey when he wanted to commit to Michigan.  

  • Michigan is -35 points against Illinois this weekend.  
  • Sam Webb has one of his famous gut feelings on Ruiz to Michigan.  That is good news!
  • Michigan is now #3 in the AP Poll
  • Purdue fires their head coach, don't do it Les. 


Dvzk said...

Brady Hoke haso proven himself since coming to Michigan, I never heard the bosa bit but it more oar for the course he's got that duck defense humming lol but humming on their knees wooooow

Scott K said...

ohio state doesn't look so dominating when they play a good football team.

The Secret Asian Man said...

RR could recruit. the problem was he recruited for his system instead of tweaking the system to accommodate the more talented players he could have recruited being at a school with UM's history and profile.