Thursday, October 13, 2016

Michigan Thursday: Looking Ahead To The BIG 10 Weekend

Breaking news, Michigan is off this weekend and will rest for the final run of the year.   With that said, there is a lot of games this weekend that Michigan fans will be interested in.  

Best Big 10 game of the weekOSU at Wisconsin

Michigan fans need to become big Wisconsin fans this weekend.    If Wisconsin can upset OSU it will make the path to Michigan's Big 10 title game a little easier.    OSU's big win over Oklahoma now doesn't look to be such a big win.   Wisconsin's big wins also came over teams that have flamed out in MSU and LSU. 

The biggest miss-match in this game is Wisconsin offense vs. OSU defense.   Wisconsin can't really move the ball on offense and the defense will need to win this game.   If OSU can move the ball on Wisconsin strong defense this game could get out of hand.    Wisconsin is getting 10 points at home.   I like that line.   Urban has never lost on the road while at OSU, which is just a crazy stat. OSU 20 Wisconsin 13

Nebraska at Indiana:  This is a game all Michigan fans should watch.  It has maybe two future opponents playing each other (yes, I know Nebraska isn't on the schedule, I'm thinking about seeing them in Indy).   We also know what IU has done to us the last few years.   Nebraska is favored by 3.5.  I think IU could pull an upset here.  IU 28 Nebraska 24

Northwestern at MSU:  Is MSU ready to pack it in for the year?  Northwestern is playing better now but has two bad losses to start the year.  MSU is favored by 4.5.  MSU 10 Northwestern 9

Iowa at Purdue:  Iowa is favored by 12 points.   Iowa 32 Purdue 21

Minnesota at Maryland:  Watch to see more of what Maryland has.   They are favored by 7 in this one.  Maryland 21 Minnesota 20

Illinois at Rutgers:  DO NOT WATCH THIS GAME!

  • Alex Leatherwood will announce his final decision on December 16th at his school.
  • The coaches are on the road offering a ton of guys in 2018 and 2019 class.


Voice of Reason said...

My gut at the moment tells me that Wisconsin will make a better showing than is expected. I think this is a very dangerous game for osu, i.e, they could run into an ambush. If Wisconsin wins this game I won't be mad at them either, as the saying goes, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." However, I'm okay with whoever, wins. IMHO!!!

Scott K said...

WS SHOULD be playing with a chip on their shoulder, because they believe they could have beat us and let the opportunity slip away.

Jump Bucky Badger Jump!

ScottyDoggs said...

Go Badgers!

Mike Tebbe said...

Hope we can flip Alex...