Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Michigan Tuesday: Has A Crazy Idea and Updates the Leatherwood Recruitment

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The highest ranked prospect to visit Ann Arbor this weekend was FL 5 star offensive lineman Alex Leatherwood.   This 6'6 330 pound OT prospect has been committed to Alabama for over a year.  Last night, he posted on Twitter that Michigan was the best visit he has been on and he will definitely be back.  He also removed "Alabama Commit" on his Twitter profile.    As you know, many recruits feel that way right after a visit.   If that feeling continues as the season progresses and as he takes more visits, we will see.   Don't hold your breath but keep an eye on this recruitment.  

On a side note, Alex's Dad was not a big fan of visiting Michigan.   He felt his son is in the best position at Alabama and was skeptical of other schools before he arrived in Ann Arbor this weekend.   It seems Mr. Leatherwood also came away impressed with the visit and even bought a bunch of Michigan gear to wear.  They both stayed through the weekend and flew back home on Monday.

  • As expected, Grant Newsome is done for the year. Bushell-Beatty will continue to get a shot at left tackle and Cole could also move there from center.  

  • Quinn Nordin is getting healthy and could enter the kicking competition this week at practice if he is 100%.

Now to my Crazy Idea:

I have liked how Wilton Speight has played in the first 5 games this season.   He has only thrown 2 picks and had one fumble.   One of the most important things a young QB can do is to protect the ball.  Manage the game and don't lose it.   At times he has won games with his arm, other times he has let the running game do its thing.   He is 5-0 and that is best record he can have.

Michigan is playing Rutgers this week, has a bye week, and then plays Illinois at home.   I think we know what type of QB Wilton is and yes, he hopefully will continue to improve as well.   I would like to see John' O'Korn get a ton of snaps and maybe even start one of the games against Rutgers or Illinois.   John can also give this offense a bit of a spark with his scrambling and running ability. 

John only got a few snaps the first few weeks of the season.   I think he needs more experience in the Michigan offense.   I also would like to see if we have a Alex Smith- Colin Kaepernick situation here (not the National Anthem issue).   Again, this is not a knock on Wilton, I think he has done a nice job managing the offense.  I would just like to see what we have in John O'Korn.   Michigan is going to need great QB play to beat OSU at the end of year, I think we need to see if John is that QB.  

Will it ever happen?  I doubt it.  Jimmy likes to play one guy and unless Wilton gets hurt I don't think we will see much of O'Korn unless its in mop up duty.   


ScottyDoggs said...

I concur (big word) 100% about playing Okorn... did not think about it myself, from "out of sight out of mind", not seeing the forgotten Okorn.
You here about "the team, the team, the team", well this would benefit the team greatly; to show we are a two headed Dragon and let's see what Okorn can do.
You also owe it to the young man to allow him to show what's he's got... good for team morale.
As Spock, this s quite logical... too bad you do not have a red phone (hotline) to convince Jimmy to do this; both games each quarterback gets a half (2 quarters). By the way Henning suffered his shoulder injury when he should have been taken out.

Unknown said...

I can appreciate looking for the right QB heading into the toughest games the second half of the year. I trust JH and Fisch to give the reps to the guy with the best chance of leading us to a championship, including beating MSU and OSU. The gap between Wilton and John must be bigger than originally thought. Seems there is a lot more trust in Wilton taking care of the ball versus the cavalier style of O'Korn. Let's not forget he was benched and eventually transferred out of Houston for that style. I'd rather let Wilton continue getting the starts, let him work throughout the season on getting more comfortable and more mobile in the offense, and find the best playbook for him to handle the remainder of this season. Let's not forget the strides Jake made last year the second half of the season under the coaching of JH and JF. I'm hopeful Speight can make similar strides and put us in a position to win down the stretch. To be honest, though, I'm not sure either is capable at this point of putting the game on his shoulders and leading us to W's.

Scott K said...

I think Wilt is the man, 100% and was high on him last year as well.

I do Trent Dilfer won a superbowl... A capable QB with a sound Defense can go a L O N G way. That being said, I think Jim likes to do things that cause opponents to prepare for 150 scenarios when there might only be 75 in the game.

Giving O'Korn too much time, and certainly a start, is a double edged sword. If he comes out and lights it up, 300+ thru the air, 80% completions, 75yds rushing with 2 TD's & no turnovers kinda game... that starts the QB controversy, has Wilt looking over his shoulder, etc, etc, etc...

On the other side of the coin, getting up by 3 or 4 scores in the 1st half and letting O'Korn get the 3rd Qtr or even the 2nd half makes a ton of sense to me. That will allow them to play a bunch of different looks for Coach Crabby at MSU and urban liar to have to at least think about.

At least that's what I think.

Go Blue