Sunday, October 30, 2016

MSU Post Game

David Guralnick Detroit News

This went the way I thought it would.   I knew Michigan wasn't going to blow out the Spartans now on a 0-6 streak.    MSU always plays above their level when they see Maize and Blue on the other side of the field.  

In fact,  I'm sure many Wolverine fanes were nervous at two points in the game, #1 after the opening drive and #2 in the 4th quarter when it looked like MSU was building a comeback.  Finally, the better team won the game and even when MSU out rushed the Wolverines. (MSU out rushed the Wolverines 217 to 192)  The difference in the game was the passing yards, where Michigan lead 244 to 188.  (Most of MSU yards came late in the 4th)

I loved the way Michigan played in the first half,  the second half was a different story.   I thought Michigan wasn't aggressive enough on either side of the ball in the second half and left the door slightly open for the Spartans.   Michigan scored a disappointing 5 points in the second half and let MSU score 13.   Dantonio coached like a guy that didn't have the talent or depth to compete with the second ranked Wolverines.  He was right and the Wolverines talent was the difference in the game.

I hated the 4th quarter 3rd down call that ended a drive with a RB dive with Share Morris in the game.  That was the worst call of the game from the Michigan staff, when a scoring drive could have sealed the game.

Either way a win is a win and this one came over the Spartans.  It wasn't pretty but it's a box the Wolverines needed to check to reach its goals.  Its nice to finally have a win against a rival in East Lansing.

  • Darboh had his best game as a Wolverine
  • Peppers tried to do everything and almost did
  • Wilton had a nice game, the INT could have been a better throw but he thought he had a wide open RB.
  • McDoom continues to make a difference in the game
  • Kenny Allen getting back his confidence!
  • The coaching was very strong most of the game for the Wolverines
  • The DL didn't get much of a push and MSU got over 200 yards on the ground
  • Pass rush was hit and miss
  • Too many stupid penalties on defense
  • MSU completed too much in the air at the end of the 4th quarter
  • Michigan's D had it's worst outing of the year
  • ESPN not showing the Michigan players grabbing the Paul Bunyan

Time to take care of business against Maryland at home and then look ahead to the trip to Iowa.   Its nice to finally exercise the ghosts of the recent past.


ScottyDoggs said...

Scott K. beat me to it, but second half tackling was horrendous.

Harbaugh is great, but might be getting too cute with quarterback position. Speight has developed into a "passing Machine", don't mess with the flow of the game and put Shane Morris in there (wtf)... Bob beat me to it on that one.

The wrong team made a statement in the game, Michigan State has way less talent, but played to almost win it and show that they can still be a force.

I am just a back seat driver, but if we play like we did in the second half (vs. Michigan State), against Ohio State, it will not even be close, and at the end of the game Meyer will hand us "our hat".

I hope Harbaugh plays Ohio State straight up, because too much trickery can easily back fire.

You have a great quarterback in Speight, quit experimenting, unless you replace Morris with Sheridan ( there's a "super secret plan")

Oh yeah, Bob's prediction is close, mine are based probably on more what I WANT TO HAPPEN, VS. what will probably happen.

Voice of Reason said...

Sloppy tackling aside, when you're up by so many points at half-time, many coaches Harbaugh included have a tendency to keep the ball on the ground and run the clock out, but that presupposes that you can be successful on the ground. This is usually at all levels of play. Opposing teams usually stack the box more and unless you can be successful with the run you usually have more three and outs and lose time of possession battles. I'd like to see Michigan take command against teams in the second half and play more to win and not to lose. That "may" keep our opponents more honest. I don't mean to over simplify these things because I know that if I could be coaching I would. IMHO!!!

Tim said...

As stated earlier the second half was not a good half for Michigan. I think MSU played - by far - their best game of year.

This is why it is so hard to go undefeated in CFB. On the road can be much tougher than anticipated at times. Remember, these are 20 year old kids and at times they are not as focused as they should be and just a few plays can really change the momentum.

With all that Nick Saban has done at Bama and all the championships and hardware they have earned they have only went undefeated one time (2009).

Good teams need to find a way to win when they are not playing their best. We did that on Saturday. Go Blue!

Voice of Reason said...

Tim, you make two very good points, they are kids who can also not focus all of the time and Alabama's only undefeated season (2009). However, when you consider the pro media and coaching bias for Alabama and OSU, that means that our kids and coaches will have to be even more diligent when we face other teams because we don't get that favoritism, we can't afford sloppy play or sloppy coaching. In fact, when you consider the anti-Harbaugh bias from the NCAA, the media and many of the other voting coaches, we can't afford the luxury of not being at the top of our games. We can't afford to give the powers that be the ability to make a "judgement call" regarding if we get into the playoffs, a conference championship game or the most desirable bowl game, let alone win a simple football game. Yes, we will love them no mater what but we can't depend upon moral victories, we have to "be" better "and" play better. IMHO!!!

michael czechowski said...

Totally agree that bringing Morris on that last offensive play was a bad call. MSU had to know then it was only going to be a run. Leaving Speight in the game at least gives the illusion of a pass option. I also think after the Speight interception on that wheel route, the coaching staff started to play not to lose. Other than that 1st drive, UofM controlled the 1st half! Delano Hill extended 1 MSU drive with a completely uncalled for personal foul penalty. That was dumb!

Tim said...

Good points VOR. Very good points and articulated well.

Hopefully our teams learns from this and brings it in coming weeks.

Bob said...

Great points everyone!

Robert Schaffer said...

That's "exorcise," as in The Exorcist.

Michael Berens said...

Espn can't show what was not on the field. Paul was in the locker room. Espn was not allowed in to the locker room. I was one of the camera guys for the show. And was hoping they would bring Paul out. We were looking. But no Paul on the field.

Trevor said...

Is anyone else watching and thinking Jordan Lewis is getting lucky in coverage? To me it looked like a lot of times he got beat and the QB made a bad throw or Jordan got a way with a little PI. Fantastic corner but he looks more lucky than good lately.

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