Sunday, October 9, 2016

Rutgers Post Game

Michigan had 600 total yards, Rutgers 39.

Michigan was 7 yards away from three 100 yard rushers.

Rutgers had 4 yards passing.

Rutgers had 16 punts and two first downs.

Michigan won 78 - 0.

I missed the score prediction by 30 points.

John O'Korn and Shane Morris played the entire second half.

Peppers could have won the game by himself.

It rained in the first half.

Rutgers is not yet a rival.

Welcome to the bye week.


ScottyDoggs said...

Wolves kicked booty.

Hoke lost to Rutgers 2 years ago, now DC at Oregon. The once feared Oregon Ducks were plucked 70-21... Hoke will wear OUT HIS SAYING.. "WE GOT TO DO A BETTER JOB OF COACHING."

Can you imagine the Ducks getting tattooed with 70 points, while while Michigan scored 78 on Rutgers, not much difference.

Does Hoke wear head phones now, or does he sit on them??

Scott K said...

Brady has all but ruined his resume'..... Following up getting fired at U of M by getting fired as the defensive coordinator at Oregon, who set the record for most points given up per game in Ducks history.....
he'll be lucky to get offered a defensive line coaching job at findley college.

Voice of Reason said...

The only time Hoke was a DC was at Yorktown High School in the 81-82 school year. He's never functioned in that capacity until Oregon and we should expect that he would have some bumps in the road plus his players are not likely to be great defensively. IMHO!!!

Scott K said...

Hoke will be fired before the season is over. You kinda made my point. His first NCAA DC job is for an Oregon team that is known for wide open offense, high scoring shootout type wins.... but he takes the job when their offense is in a major decline and they have little to work with defensively. That likely equates to huge lopsided losses which make it pretty difficult for the DC to keep his job.

I contend it was a poor career choice for Brady and it will end badly.