Sunday, November 6, 2016

Maryland Post Game

Michigan tight end Jake Butt, left, and wide receiver
David Guralnick: Detnews

DJ Durkin was smiling most of the game on the Maryland sideline.  Was it because he knew his team had no shot at winning or was it that he knew deep down inside that he helped build this monster?   I'm going with the latter.  

There isn't much to say about the game yesterday.  It was another complete dominance of another team.   It will be interesting to see if Michigan can do it against the cold, night, road game against Iowa next weekend.  

It was also nice to see Smith break a 100 yards and Jehu getting back on track with a nice game.

Bullets of Dominance:

Michigan first downs:  31
Rushing Yards: 271
Passing Yards: 387
Punts: 0
Wilton: 19-24 for 362 yards
Smith 19 for 114 yards
Chesson 5 for 112
Hill 2 picks
Butt 5 for 76 and now is the #1 TE in yards at Michigan
Isaac 2 for 56 yards
Having the game out of hand at halftime:  Priceless

Wilton played nearly a perfect game.   My concern if the QB play is good enough to beat OSU, is no longer a concern.

Iowa got blown out by Penn State last night, OSU blew out Nebraska and MSU remains winless in Big Ten play.   Michigan's next 2 out of 3 games are on the road.  Time to take this show on the road!

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ScottyDoggs said...

Ohio State rose from the dead and are still a force to be dealt with,
right now I will go 50/50 on that game... maybe we will participate in the big ten play-off. National play-off...lots to look forward too.. its been a long time.

Michigan State has slipped into a funk like we were in... I passed a dead skunk in the middle of the road... and according to Bob Dylan... It stunk "to high Heaven" like Michigan State... Notre Dame is also hurting.

Rich Rod is also hurting his defense (or lack of), gave up over 60 points, and they scored very little... sometimes it "pours when it rains" when you use the spread. The offense gets held by the nose, then the defense gets kicked repeatedly in the bottom.