Monday, November 14, 2016

Michigan Monday: Tries To Pick Up The Pieces

Update:  Jimmy didn't give too much of an update on Wilton.  That the soreness and doctors will determine if he can play this weekend.  He could be a game time decision.   He said that O'Korn and Morris will get more snaps in practice this week.

He also said  the punter has to be out of the tackle box to be able to hit them.   I believe that same official has made that mistake twice on Michigan calls in the last two years.

The sting from Saturday night still continues on Monday morning.  The rumor mill is spinning that Wilton is hurt, we just don't know how bad.   The wild west of the Internet is saying it could be pretty much any type of shoulder issue.   I doubt we will hear too much from Jimmy today, other then he is dinged up.  I do expect we will see some O'Korn against Indiana as they will want to make sure a QB is ready for the trip to Columbus.

Michigan was very sluggish on Saturday.   Maybe it was the cold or the time of day, but that wasn't even close to the team we have been watching all year. 

Here are a couple other issues from Saturday Night:

  • Michigan had 10 players on the field for the final field goal, after a time out.  

  • The play calling was also suspect all night.  Michigan wasn't getting anything on the edges and  continued to call those runs.   Don't run McDoom into #14 side and don't call that play for Higdon on 3rd down. 
Time to move forward. 

  • Michigan is #4 in both polls

  • The Michigan loss cost OSU the most.   If Michigan beats OSU, the Wolverines head to the Big Ten Championship.   If OSU beats Michigan and Penn State doesn't lose (Rutgers and MSU), Penn State goes to the Big Ten Championship game.   Someone could have made huge money in Vegas if they had bet that possibility 6 weeks ago. 

A look at IU:


Best Win:  Maryland
Worst Loss:  Wake or Northwestern

Lost last week to Penn State at home 45-31.

I thought IU might have a better season then they have had this year.   IU has played both OSU and PSU pretty tough.   They can still score a ton of points and now playing better defense.   They have been looking for that signature win and will try to get it at the Big House.

IU recently has given Michigan difficult games and this week will probably be similar as both teams are coming off disappointing loses and both teams have a lot to play for.   IU wants to go to a Bowl and Michigan still has a Big Ten Championship game aspirations.


Scott K said...

We had a bad game, a really disappointing performance.... This team can still go into the toilet seat and knock off the fuckeyes.

Voice of Reason said...

In spite of everything, Michigan could have and should have won that game. However, with very poor officiating coupled with very poor play and poor coaching decisions it was what you'd call the perfect storm. I would go so far as to say that if Michigan played Iowa again this weekend that Michigan would win that game easily.

However, there are thing that teams learn about themselves that they just "won't" learn if they'd win a sloppy game. We all know that this year's Michigan team wasn't a complete team, because we've seen so many weaknesses and yet they've squeaked by and won while showing those weaknesses and yet we've still seen the weaknesses. Now, they've lost and they "have to" address them, or it will become a blueprint for other teams to follow.

If we belong in the B1G and Playoff championships we are going to have to pull it all together...put your Big boy pants on and pull them up. If not then we'll be watching it from home like everyone else. IMHO!!!