Thursday, November 10, 2016

Michigan Thursday: Looks At The Big Ten Weekend

We all know who plays in primetime on ABC this weekend but there are other interesting games that many of us might follow while we wait for the 8:00 kick off.

Best Big10 Game of the Weekend:

Rutgers at MSU:  Both teams have a perfect record in the Big Ten at 0-6.   Michigan State played above their level two weeks ago against Michigan and then lost to Illinois last weekend.   Rutgers has been playing better lately after dropping a close 0-78 game to the Wolverines.  Someone has to win this game right?  We don't have ties anymore in college football which is a shame for this game.    MSU is a two TD favorite in this one.   MSU 21 Rutgers 20

Minnesota at Nebraska:  Are you surprised to learn that Minnesota is 7-2?  They have the same record as Nebraska who is coming off two defeats in a row.  The Golden Gophers are tied for first place in the Big 10 West.   Could the Little Brown Jug be up for grabs if both Michigan and Minnesota make it to Indy?  If that is going to happen they better win this game.   Nebraska is a TD favorite.   Nebraska 24 Minnesota 21

Penn State at IU:  This is an interesting game.  Penn State has become a top 10 team after beating Ohio State on a couple of fluky plays.   They sure didn't look like a top 10 teams when they played in A2.   IU is no joke but I don't think they are as powerful as in years past.   PSU is a 7.5 favorite.
PSU 38 IU 28

OSU at Maryland:  OSU is a 29 point favorite.

Northwestern at Purdue:  The Wildcats are a decent team but they are two wins short of a bowl game.  They better pick one up this weekend.   NW is a 13.5 favorite.   NW 31 Purdue 24

Illinois at Wisconsin:  Wisconsin is a 26.5 favorite

  • DT Jay Tufele who visited A2 recently, will now visit OSU for the Michigan game. 

  • Sam Webb says that the Michigan coaches feel confident about the recruitment of CB Ambry Thomas.  I hope so, he is a talented kid, that I hope we don't lose to MSU.

  • Les Miles will attend the Michigan - IU game next week

  • Jimmy said on the radio this morning that the team has had a good week of practice and the defense has been working on tackling on the edges.   I think we saw issues there in the MSU and Maryland games.   That has to be fixed before IU and OSU. 

  • Michigan has lost 4 out 5 games against Iowa

  • I have seen some of articles about Wilton almost transferring.   It's rare to be able to see the moment where that thought was actually crossing through his mind.   If you haven't seen the HBO real sports interview with Jimmy from a year ago, take a look.   There is a shot at the end of the piece where Jimmy is yelling at a QB who's number is blurred out.   That QB is believed to be Wilton. 


Scott K said...

That was awesome.... Jim is Jim, that's what a lot of these kids are seeing when he recruits them.... no smoke & mirrors, no sales pitch... No bait and switch.

oh yeah and by the way,

Bryant Gumble is a total douche.

Voice of Reason said...

I did see the HBO special on Harbaugh and they were trying to portray him as some sort of Idiot Savant. The way you present your story reflects what you think of your subject. Alex Boone's reflection on Harbaugh as a "Pro" tells you where that so called "Pro" is coming from. Unfortunately, many pros feel that because they have the big money, fame and women coming at them that they don't need anything else. Many players make more than their head coach. They lose their appetite for winning and so they accept being a mediocre player on a mediocre team. Most owners want to win, most coaches want to win. When your head coach accepts mediocrity then you have a team full of Alex Boones. Look at the 49ers now, back to where they were before Harbaugh came. I understand that Bill Belichick dots his i's and crosses his t's and holds his players accountable, and how many Superbowl's have his team gone to? The best players and athletes hold themselves to the highest standards and want to be held accountable. The late boxer, Sugar Ray Robinson who was considered the best pound for pound fighter in the world had a ridiculous training workout at times. As a result, he was the best who ever none. Coach RR and Hoke were both nice guys no question but now they're coaching somewhere else because it wasn't enough for Michigan.

Secondly, in the HBO special where Harbaugh is chewing out one of his QB's it looks like he was giving #12 (sleeves) the business. He was the QB running that drill just before he got chewed out. I know Alex Malzone has that number now, but did he have it back then as well? IMHO!!!

Bob said...

Great point guys! I think I saw somewhere that Wilton confirmed that was him in the HBO video in a press conference question from a reporter.

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