Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Michigan Tuesday: Welcomes JK-P To The 2017 Class

Breaking News seems to be pretty common place around the Michigan program this week.   4 star Safety Jaylen Kelly-Powell from Cass Tech has finally committed to Michigan on Sam Webb's radio show this morning.  JK-P is the 19th commit to the class and cousins with 4 star CB Ambry Thomas and teammate of 5 star WR DP-J.  Yes, please to all 3 guys in Michigan's class.

Like I mentioned, Jaylen is a 4 star across the board, minus Rivals who has him as a 3 star.   Scout, ESPN and 24/7 Composite have him in ranked in the 260 player in the country range.   He is 6'0 and 180 pounds.

His offer list includes big time programs:  Alabama, Auburn, Cal, Colorado, Michigan State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Oregon, Penn State, Pitt, Stanford, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, UCLA, and Wisconsin.

JK-P will be inline to compete for immediate playing time as both of Michigan's safeties are graduating after this season.   He is the second commit at this position in this class as he joins J'Marick Woods as incoming freshman.    This is probably it for Safety in this class.

Michigan still needs Wide Receivers, DT and LB's in this class.   I still believe this class will only get to 25-26 range, even though some are predicting the low 30's. 

This is a great instate pick-up and I hope it leads to the commitment of the other two guys.  

- Please note Jimmy is saying that Wilton is not out for the year and will miss a few practices this week and then be re-evaluated. As we know, Jimmy is not one to talk about injuries so its hard to know what is accurate and what is gamesmanship.


Tim said...

Thanks for the continued updates. Chances are we will not know for sure until Saturday.

I am moving on from loss and I agree with what VOR said, at times teams don't fix things if they win. Our teams has some deficiencies but they have not seemed to have been addressed, hopefully now they will.

Ohio State really never destroyed Big Ten teams (outside of Rutgers) until they lost. Just something to think about..

ScottyDoggs said...

I appreciate Harbaugh, but do not wish him to play Speight hurt, he has a capable quarterback in O'Korn...Loyd Carr played Henning hurt with terrible results. A injured Speight is not better than a Healthy O'Korn... of course , like you said, this could be gamesmanship stuff.

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