Friday, November 25, 2016

Ohio State Preview

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Time: 12:00
Location: Ohio Stadium
Weather: Cloudy and 42
Line: OSU -6.5

I don't care who is ranked what, I don't care who leads in the series, I don't care who has won the last few games.   This game has always been about two things:  heart and talent. 

Michigan has been lacking in the talent department ever since Lloyd Carr retired.   RR didn't understand the rivalry and Hoke was over his skies.  Michigan now has talent and a head coach that can go head to head with Meyer. 

I don't care what Ohio State looked like last week, they will be a completely different team Saturday at noon.

Tale of the Tape

Michigan D vs. OSU RB's =  Michigan D
Michigan O vs. A Stacked Box = Ohio State
JT Barrett vs. 3rd and 4 = JT
Special Teams = Michigan
Michigan Passing Attack vs. OSU D = ?

This game comes down to one thing to me.   Can Michigan move the ball through the air against OSU's defense?  It's a noon start and the weather shouldn't be a factor.   If Wilton plays, can he stay healthy enough to hit the Michigan WR's down field?   Can Darboh and Chesson get separation? 

Both teams will try to stack the box to stop the run.   I'm betting Peppers will be spying on Barrett all game.   The 3rd down and 4 scrambles worry me for keeping drives alive.    Peppers is going to have to tackle JT early and often for Michigan to stop the Buckeyes on defense. 

Sing, Indy here we come if........................
  • Wilton plays and has 250 yards+ throwing
  • Michigan is getting first downs on the ground
  • Michigan is not letting JT scramble for first downs
  • Michigan is stopping the OSU running game.
  • Peppers is the best player on the field
Yell, this sh*t is all too familiar if.....................
  • Michigan offense looks like it has been the last two weeks and can't move the ball
  • OSU is getting to the edge on Michigan's defense
  • OSU is winning the game on the ground
  • It doesn't matter who is playing QB for Michigan

I don't like how Michigan has played on offense the last two weeks at all.   There are questions at QB and the lack of scoring is a huge concern coming into Columbus.   Michigan finally can match the talent and even has more experience this year then the Buckeyes.   Will the most important position on the field trump that talent and experience? 

That is the question of the day.   MSU beat OSU last year with their second and third string QB's.   That was in terrible weather, when JT seems to struggle.  I like this game much more if Wilton is 100% healthy and they have put up 40 points the last two weeks.  From what my eyes saw last week, I'm not sure John O'Korn can beat the Buckeyes.  I do like the noon start for the Wolverines, this team seems to play better earlier then later in the day. 

The bottom line is Michigan struggled on the road against Iowa, Wilton had a terrible day and got hurt.  With the way the offense has been trending, with OSU having a similar defense, and being at home, the Buckeyes are the clear favorite.   It's time to find out if Harbaugh is a great coach or a freaking wizard.

Ohio State 24 Michigan 10


ScottyDoggs said...

I can not make a prediction... Hoke's team was average at best and played the buckeyes tough the year they won the national championship.

That's when an Ohio State quarterback came into the game to replace an injured Ohio State quarterback and proceeded to lite the field up.

Michigan can come into the game with their game faces on, and give it to the buckeyes. It's happened before. Hope springs eternal.

Scott K said...

Coach has gone to great lengths to drill into this team that the only game that matters is the next game they're playing.... obviously the point of that is to keep them from looking ahead.
The coaching staff, however, has been looking ahead to 11/26 since the beginning of fall camp. It really sucks that we will either have a less than 100% Wilt or no Wilt at all, however, our young men will be prepared to play the game of their life. The game plan has been one season long, carefully constructed masterpiece. I can assure you Jim went home and after the family was in bed, sat up watching osu film from every game.... specifically WS, NW, PSU and MSU... picking out the chinks in the armor and planning to exploit those flaws.
There is no one more competitive than our coach and although he's don't a great job giving every game the same lip service as this one, he's been plotting revenge, or redemption, since 11/28/2015.


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