Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wolverine Wednesday: All Roads Still Go Through Columbus

I really don't like the CFP rankings.   It's just gives ESPN and other sports outlets something to talk about.   Having OSU #2 and Michigan #3 only means that the winner may or may not move on to the Big Ten Championship game.  The Iowa loss only confirms that Michigan won't make the playoffs if they stumble in C-Bus. 

In fact, OSU needs help just getting into the Big Ten Championship game but seems to have a road to the CFP as a non-conference champion.  Which could mean 2 Big Ten teams in the playoffs.

The other thing I don't like is that Michigan is hosting a good Indiana team this weekend and over looking them with a new QB under center, could be a very bad thing.

  • 24/7 is reporting that Stribling and Hill should be ready to go this weekend.  Both got dinged up at Iowa.

  • The inside word continues to be that Wilton is out for the next two weeks (hopefully 3 weeks) but could play in a bowl game.   The official word from Michigan is that he is still day to day.

  • If you haven't heard ESPN GameDay is going to Kalamazoo this weekend for the Western Michigan game.


Tim said...

If Clemson and Washington win out it will be tough to justify leaving a one loss conference champion out to make room for a one loss non-conference champion.

Given the committee leaning towards conference champions I don't see OSU in playoffs unless either of those teams lose again (which they could) or OSU ends up winning the B10. Just my opinion.

Renegade said...

My understanding of the CFP rankings is that they represent a snapshot in time. That is, if the playoffs were held the day the voting took place these are the teams that would participate. That may change from one week to the next.

I think it is reasonable to assume that the loser of the UM-OSU game will not be selected. It is also reasonable to assume that if either of those teams win out they will be selected. I can see OSU being selected if they beat UM, but don’t get to the B1G championship game.

We currently have one undefeated team and five one loss teams in the top six positions of the CFP rankings. Wisconsin, the highest ranked two loss team in the CFP poll, is very unlikely to get a nod to the playoffs unless four of the five one loss teams lose a game by the end of the season. Possible, but not likely. And if Wisconsin loses another game they are definitely out. Given that scenario, it is also unlikely that Penn State gets in.

As far as the CFP process is concerned, it seems to be very similar to the selection process for March Madness. A bunch of people get together, look at a set of criteria, and vote. I am open to suggestions for change. The one I would make is select eight teams instead of four. I know it adds another game, but it is the way “Division 2” does it.

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