Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wolverine Wednesday: The Michgian Defense Takes All The Big Ten Awards

Thank You, Greg Mattison, DJ Durkin and Don Brown.   The Michigan Defense pretty much sweep the Big Ten awards. All 11 starters were named to an All Big Ten Team.

Peppers was named the Big Ten Defensive, Return Specialist, and LB of the year.  

Lewis was named the Big Ten DB of the year. 

Big Ten First Team Defense

  • Taco Charlton
  • Chris Wormley
  • Jabrill Peppers
  • Jourdan Lewis
Big Ten Second Team Defense
  • Chris Wormley
  • Ryan Glasgow
  • Ben Gedeon
  • Channing Stribling
  • Delano Hill
Big Ten Special Teams Second Team
  • Kenny Allen as a punter
Big Ten 3rd Team Defense
  • Ben Gedeon

Honorable Mention: Matt Godin, Delano Hill, Mike McCray, Dymonte Thomas, Kenny Allen (K)

  • Congratulations to Eastern Michigan from on 1 win last season to the Bahamas for a Bowl Game.   There was talk about shutting that program down and now they are headed to Atlantis!  Congratulations!

  • I really don't want to talk about the playoffs for the Wolverines.  I think it's strange that Michigan has beaten both teams in the Big Ten Championship game and 1 team in the PAC 12 championship game.   If you want suspense, you better hope for Colorado to beat Washington on Friday night.   Most believe the Wolverines are headed to the Orange Bowl in South Florida.

  • Oregon fired Mark Helfrich last night, which probably means that Brady Hoke is out of a job.

  • FL OG TJ Slaton says he had to cancel his Michigan official due to his SAT score.

  • Michigan Safety commit J'Marick Woods will announce his final decision between Michigan, Arkansas, and Mississippi State on Friday morning.   Discuss among yourself why a commit needs to announce his final decision if he is already committed?

  • Since we haven't had any walk-on news lately, here is a gem for you.  Jess Speight, a 6'4", 280-pound OG will walk-on to Michigan next year.   If his last name is familiar, you are correct, he is Wilton's brother.   I wasn't aware the Speight family has a legacy connection to NC State.  Bobby Speight the boys grandfather was an All American basketball player for the Wolfpack.

  • Michigan Basketball plays VT tonight at 7:00 in the BIG 10/ACC Challenge at Crisler ESPN 2


Tim said...

Go Blue! I don't remember a time Michigan had so many All Big Ten performers.

I agree, I don't like to think about playoffs because I get too frustrated. We should be playing in Indy Saturday night.

Regarding suspense, I totally agree that CO needs to beat Washington, but I also feel Penn State needs to win. Barry Alvarez on the playoff committee...If Wiscy wins and wins the Big Ten I just don't see the committee putting in Michigan over Wiscy in any scenario. Just my opinion.

Tim said...

Sorry ScottyDog if that post was boring :)

ScottyDoggs said...

Tim: I looked at what I wrote and almost wrote a disclaimer... I meant as a whole nobody posts, but just a "few of us" and that was "boring" .... not what you write. I misinterpreted Scott K. once and jumped on him wrongly... but sometimes you can write and someone takes it the wrong way, but I can see how you did.

It was nice to hear other folks comment... I do believe if Harbaugh gets no progress on Ohio State's use of "Homeys", then we should use leaving as a leverage... will it ever happen no but "fairy tale land" is a nice place to visit. Some people use Herion to get there

Tim said...

Gotcha ScottyDoggs. All good. No worries. Thanks for reply.

Kyle said...

Lets add more people to posting I suppose. So small backstory, I was born and raised in the Toledo, Ohio area and my Dad and I are the only Michigan fans in my family/friends. Saturday sucked because I'm just tired of losing to them. And now that the game has been around Thanksgiving, I am always back in Ohio and can pretty much only watch the game being surrounded by buckeye fans. So it sucks, but I have belief in Harbaugh to turn the pages in this rivalry.

Moving on. I wanted to get other people's take on this. Do you think the 4 playoff spots should be the Top 4 teams in the country regardless of if they win their conference? Or should you have to win your conference to get in?

I believe it should be the top 4 teams regardless (majority of the time I would bet that conference champions will be the ones in). And as much as I strongly believe Michigan and OSU are not only the best teams in the Big Ten, but arguably in the top 4, there is no way that two teams from one conference would get into the top 4 with neither playing for/wining their conference title................right?

Scott K said...

of B10 teams, WS has the best arguement (if they beat psu in the championship game) as they only lost to Michigan by a score and osu.... osu in overtime....

That being said, I think Michigan plays WS or PSU again (osu for that matter) Michigan wins that match up.

a bowling we will go, either way. little brother has to watch this year.

gabeamina said...

In my humble opinion, us M fans need to forget the playoffs and hope for a meaningful bowl game and a Buckeye loss. Unfortunately Michigan has 2 conference losses and didn't play in its own conference championship game and I don't see the committee jumping Michigan over PSU or Wisky. I think losing to Iowa hurt their chances more than being screwed by the Cheateyes in Columbus. I hope I'm wrong but too many things has to happen.