Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wolverine Wednesday: Michigan #3 in College Playoff Rankings

Michigan showed up in the top 4 College Playoff Rankings for the first time last night.   They are ranked #3 behind Alabama and Clemson.   I have no problem with the ranking, I think they probably should be #2, but #3 gets you invited to the party.  

Michigan has been taking a few lumps this year for an easy schedule.   That schedule doesn't look that easy anymore.  Michigan has wins over #15 Colorado, #12 Penn State, and #8 Wisconsin.   Michigan has yet to play to #6 Ohio State at the end of the year.   I wouldn't call that an easy schedule now.

Michigan has to take care of business this weekend against Maryland and the trip to Iowa City.  We also know what a difficult match-up IU can be.    If those games, go as planned the Wolverines will head to Columbus un-defeated for probably a play in game for the Big Ten Championship. 

Ohio State has another test this weekend, as they host a decent Nebraska team and also have trips to Maryland and MSU before Michigan comes to town.   Can OSU lose another game before Michigan?  Sure, the best chance is probably this weekend.  MSU always plays Ohio State tough as well.   I still don't know how MSU beat them last year. 

If OSU does lose another game and Michigan goes to Columbus un-defeated, Michigan will have already clinched the invite to the Big Ten Championship game for probably a game against Nebraska or a rematch against Wisconsin.  That would take some of the impact out of the game and just leave bragging rights for the rivalry.

This should be a fun month of football!

  • Watching from Japan, Devin Gardner called out Dantonio on twitter for wearing the same type of outfit that Harbaugh sports every Saturday (and pretty much everyday).  For those of you that haven't heard, Devin and Jeremy Gallon are playing professional football in Japan this year. 

  • Western Michigan put up 52 on Ball State last night.  PJ Fleck is about to get a huge payday.

  • Michigan commit Corey Malone-Hatcher is playing in the first Polynesian Bowl All Star Game.   Smart kid to get a free trip to Hawaii!

  • Michigan Basketball played a secret scrimmage against Akron last weekend.

  • McDoom seemed to enjoy the Dooom chant from the fans at Spartan Stadium and his first rivalry game on Saturday.  "It was fun," McDoom said. "I was kind of talking trash to their fans a little bit. Enjoying the rivalry. Being able to make those big plays [in a big rivalry game], it was amazing to get the opportunity."

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