Monday, December 19, 2016

Breaking News: All The Top Players In The State Go To Michigan!

Flint's 4 star DE Deron Irving-Bey has committed to Michigan this afternoon.   He is the second 4 star player to commit to the Wolverines this afternoon.   More to come on him on Tuesday. 

Michigan now has the top 6 players from the State of Michigan on 24/7 and the top 7 out of 8.  

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Tim said...

Harbaugh and Co have certainly made their mark in recruiting the state of Michigan.

Some services ranks guys differently, but interesting that most sites only have 1 top ten player going to MSU (Cody White). It should be noted that the player ranked #10 is Bryce Wolma and he is going to Arizona.

Who would have thought several years ago that RR would get as many top tens guys out of the state of MI as Dantonio?