Monday, December 12, 2016

Michigan Monday: A Few Notes From the Weekend

Here is some information from this weekends big visit weekend:

  • Tarik Black - was a surprise visitor.  Looking very good for him to Go Blue.  

  • Najee Harris - seemed to love the snow.  The rumor mill is saying that he has confirmed his commitment to Bama.   Per Sam Webb, he hasn't heard that and still believes Michigan continues to have a shot at the nation's #1 player.

  • DPJ - Another negative rumor floating around is that its down to OSU and FSU for DPJ.   Sam is not buying that one either.  OSU might have been trying to get in a late in home with DPJ before the dead period last night. Update:  DP-J will be announcing his college choice on Thursday night on ESPN at 8:30PM on Recruiting Nation.   This seems to be a great sign for the Wolverines, there are a few folks saying that Urban and staff were able to flip him last night.   I think that is a long shot.  We will know for sure on Thursday.   These announcements don't happen overnight, so my guess is this has been in the works for awhile.

  • Update #2: Isaiah Wilson is announcing on Friday as well.

Today marks the first day of the dead period.  Coaches can communicate with recruits but no in person visits or campus visits until January 12th.

  • Peppers didn't win the Heisman, but he did win the Lott Impact Trophy for the defensive player who combined performance and character.

  • Michigan prospect OL Chuck Filiaga visited Nebraska this weekend.

  • Local Michigan kid who went to IMG and then blew out his knee early in the season, wr KJ Hamler committed to Penn State this weekend.

  • Scout Media filed for Bankruptcy on Friday.  Looks like the recruiting sites will be down to 2 now.


ScottyDoggs said...

Big news report over weekend is Harbaugh might go to Rams, said it was very serious....If it is true {SO BE IT}. Harbaugh needs to address it, if it's not true because amongst recruits it will spread like wild fire {FAKE NEWS]. Personally I do not believe it, but what happened at Ohio State game would cause me to think about it (if I were in Harbaugh's shoes).

Scott K said...

I read an interview where cowherd mentioned it in passing. Cowherd's baseless rambling about who would be a homerun hire for the rams, from that, its not much more than lots of wishful thinking of ncaa fan bases that aren't Michigan. Lots of people trying to make something out of nothing.

Voice of Reason said...

Just as the NFL coaching fraternity was glad to see Harbaugh leave and go to the college ranks, so now are there NCAA coaches, AD's, Referees et-al would like to see him go back to the pro ranks. I think the idiom "even fake news sells newspapers," applies here. Coach Harbaugh isn't planning to go anywhere anytime soon. He is wanted, needed and loved here at Michigan and he has the Michigan Man DNA in his soul. Relax... "whose got it better than us? NOBODY!" IMHO!!!

Bob said...

We are going to hear this type of BS anytime an NFL opening is happening. They should hire Urban Meyer.

Voice of Reason said...

I hear you Bob, problem is that odds are Meyer would never go because he is afraid of failure at the NFL level. I get the feeling that a number of coaches look at Nick Saban one of the so called brightest minds in coaching and they see how he failed with the Miami Dolphins (15 W-17 L) in 2005 & 2006 and they get cold feet. Saban won't go back to the pros, because he can't manipulate the way he does in college and NFL owners now won't usually keep you past two years if you aren't trending upward.

Meyer arguably is not as good a coach and likely wouldn't want to risk it. Harbaugh has proven himself "big time" on both the college and professional levels. As we all know he's been a successful college and pro player as well, something Saban and Meyer can't tout for themselves because they don't know the pro game. That makes the quality of Harbaugh's resume even more impressive because "when" he wins the B1G and NCAA Championships Saban and Meyer won't be able to even touch Harbaugh's accomplishments and experiences. IMHO!!!

Voice of Reason said...

I would be remiss if I didn't correct part of my statement about Nick Saban's pro coaching career. He did coach under Bill Bilichick as the DC for the Cleveland Browns (1991-94). His defenses were competitive for his first three years and I believe in 1994 his defense was the number one defense in Points Against (NFL) which was very good. The Browns were something like 11-5 that year. I guess the question would be, with Bilichick's defensive prowess, do we give Saban or Bilichick the credit for the defense? IMHO!!!