Monday, December 5, 2016

Michigan Monday: Orange You Glad We Lost To Iowa

Yes, that is me being sarcastic.   That one night when our QB couldn't throw the ball in the ocean from the beach, when the weather was cold, when our WR's forgot how to catch, when our offensive line forgot how to block, and Michigan decided to get stupid penalties.     That one night with pink locker rooms cost Michigan a spot in the football final 4.    It is what it is. 

This weekend's games pretty much went the opposite of what Michigan needed to sneak into the playoffs.   I knew the Colorado game was over as soon as their QB goes down in the first series.   At about 9:30 on Saturday, I was ready to call all League Championships useless and over rated and then both Penn State and VA Tech started their respective comebacks and made each a game again. 

Having Penn State jump Michigan is hilarious and at the same time irrelevant.

College Football seems to love putting Michigan in Florida against an instate team.   They will play Florida State in Miami on the Friday Night before New Years Eve.    Michigan also opens against Florida in Dallas next year.   So they will play Florida teams back to back, with about 8 months in-between games.

Florida State is a nice named match-up against two teams that had playoff aspirations.   We will dive into the match-up in the next 25 days. 

When it was clear that Michigan was heading to the Orange Bowl on Saturday night, the first thing that popped into my mind, was that Michigan will have to guard against a Florida type let down that we saw in the Citrus Bowl last year.   Michigan's squad is full of draft eligible seniors that will be thinking about their NFL futures.    It's hard to believe that could happen on a Harbaugh coached team but we have seen it happen to many programs that barley missed the playoffs or BCS games.

Orange Bowl Tickets:

The best value I have seen are the Michigan allotment at $120 per ticket at Mgoblue.   That probably means you end up in the 3rd deck or end zone.  You don't know where you are sitting until they send the tickets to you via email before 12/15.     The issue with re-sellers and ticketmasters are the high add on charges.    Saw some lower bowl tickets for around $175 but those had high extra charges. 

Paying nearly $1000 for a family of 4 to go to the Orange Bowl seems crazy to me.  Michigan offered some folks a $245 ticket for a guaranteed lower bowl seat.  I could see that for a playoff game, not the Orange Bowl.  

  • Michigan juniors with an NFL decision to make seems to be Mason Cole, Mo Hurst and Peppers.  We know Jabrill is most likely headed to the NFL as a first round pick but as of right now Cole and Hurst are leaning to comeback.    It will be interesting what the NFL feedback is on both guys.

  • Michigan plays Cincinnati in game two next season and they are now officially in the market for a new head coach, as Tommy Tuberville resigned this weekend.   This seemed to be a forced resignation as Tommy said in his statement he still wants to coach. 

  • Where in the world is Jimmy? On Friday he was in Utah to visit 4-star DT Jay Tufele  and Saturday night he witnessed in person Valor Christian's and Dylan McCaffrey's state championship win.  In fact, he was late to the Orange Bowl teleconference on Sunday. 


Scott K said...

Big BIG recruiting day Saturday...... Harris, DPJ, Paris Ford, Irving-Bey & Kelly-powell on campus. its odd that 247 has 50% harris going to USC 33% UofM and only 17% 'bama, he's committed to 'bama.

I hope he's this years Asiasi, #1 pick two years in a row would be sweet.

Tim said...

I need to let the loses go but as I have watched football over the weekend the Iowa and OSU loss were still tough to handle.

It is harder when I see incidental contact when a hand rubs against a face mask and not called, but it cost us 15 again Iowa. I also see incidental or accidental contact with kicker not called but anytime we touched a punter it was called.

Then I see PI called when a receiver had his arm grabbed and then I picture Perry getting twisted to ground w/o a call. The 15 yarder unsportsmanlike conduct call again Harbuagh still confuses me. I have never seen that w/o a warning.

But in both games we screwed up too. Not putting all blame on officials. Against Iowa our offense forgot what a first down was. The second pic against OSU was tough to stomach as was the 3rd and long swing pass to Samuels that set up a 4th and 1 when it should have been 4th and 20.

Hopefully we handle FSU, finish recruiting cycle strong and kill it next year.

Tom's World said...

Ohio State has 6 5 star recruits coming in next year. The rest of the B1G has 1 combined. If Michigan wants to win National Championships, Jimmy needs to stop picking his nose and get out on the recruiting road.

1837 days and counting.

Scott K said...

4* vs 5*......

I'm sure JH will take a full class of 4* with the right attitude vs a handful of 5* without.

Boubaca Cissoko was a 5* and Mike Hart was a 3*. In the past, some of our best players weren't even on scholarship when they joined the team, Glasgows and Jake Ryan. I think JH will do fine recruiting, keep in mind he's only finishing year 2, in fact the only coach since Yost to start his Michigan coaching tenure with consecutive 10 win seasons.

GO Blue!