Thursday, December 15, 2016

Michigan Thursday: Commitment Week Starts Off Right!

The newest Wolverine is WR Tarik Black, who committed to the Wolverines yesterday afternoon.   He is a 4 star Army All American to all the services with Rivals and Scout being the highest on the young man having him in their top 100. 

Tarik is 6'4 and 200 pounds and played his high school football in Connecticut.  His offer list was a good one,  Alabama, Auburn, Arizona State, Georgia, Louisville, Miami  Michigan State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Stanford, Tennessee, UCLA, Virginia Tech, and Wisconsin.

The scouting report is he is a large target, good route runner, with great hands.  He does not have blazing speed but isn't slow either.   He should be able to get a chance to play right away and could fit into the slot or outside WR spot. 

Tarik is the second WR in this class if you include Brad Hawkins from last years class.   I also expect he might have been one of the "silent" commits we have been hearing about.    The expectation is that he will be on campus in January.

  • It's time to start to getting nervous about the DPJ announcement on ESPN tonight. Most say he is heading to Michigan, but the guy really doesn't talk to the services and they might not know where he is really leaning. This is one of the best WR's/athletes coming out of the state in a very long time.  A must get for the Wolverines.  ESPN 2 8:30 PM


ScottyDoggs said...

Tarik Black has the size to create some serious mismatches and with Speight's accuracy, could be a lethal combination.

Harbaugh did an exceptional job squelching any rumors about him leaving, But I did think we were done with that "jive turkey" bit from the 70's (Holy Toledo), Yikes, etc.

Big35Hurt said...

DPJ in da houseeeeeee! YESSS!!!!

Big35Hurt said...

Next up Najee!

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